Monday, August 22, 2011

Our weekend

We had some friends in from out of town this weekend and I think the little guys are still recovering from all the excitement. This is the ONLY pic I got.
They were having a serious discussion about church while putting away donuts. Or maybe they were just putting away donuts. We had a fun weekend and are always bummed to see our friends go. Harrris drew several pictures today of his friend Jack. He also drew one of me.
I asked what the two lines were and he told me, "Your legs." Obviously.

Tom is also still recovering from this weekend. He got a wild hair and decided to take the boys to the river. By himself.

Harris told me they threw rocks all day. Doesn't Walker look a little dangerous in the pic below? If ever a pic could sum up the stage he's in, I think that might be it.

 Everyone came home looking a little ragged. I'm still impressed that Tom took them by himself. I can tell you I would never in my wildest dreams attempt that. He's brave. He also told me Harris ate non-stop all day.

This morning, he ate a waffle, a packet of oatmeal, eggs/cheese, an ENTIRE hot dog from Costco (they are 1/4 pound!), strawberries, a churro, and was asking for more food when I finally put him to bed. He was starting to get picky on what he wanted so I didn't give him anything else. His stomach was looking a little distended. He doesn't usually eat eggs or hot dogs with enthusiasm so I know he was actually hungry to put it all away. I thought we might share the hot dog but apparently not. Tom had an intern over for dinner the other night, a 20 year old boy. This normal sized kid ate more than Tom and I do put together. That, combined with Harris' consumption the past few days is starting to make me a little nervous. We could potentially have three of these appetites in our house.

While Harris was eating at Costco, Walker was being....Walker. A lady sat down not far from us and kept looking at the boys and I couldn't tell if she was looking because Walker was acting up or just looking because some people like to watch little kids. She ended up coming over and chatting and was SO encouraging. She has two boys (grown) with apparently similar personalities to mine. What would have been really encouraging is if she told me everything becomes significantly easier at 2 1/2 and to just hang on for 6 months, but she didn't. It's just nice to hear someone else that has had the same issues and survived. And really, Walker gets kind of a bad rap. When he's home and in his element, he's a completely different little boy than when we're out and about. He's uncomfortable with new people and takes awhile to warm up, especially when he's not at home. He's such a loving and sweet little guy but people don't get to see that side of him very often. He's constantly trying to kiss Harris, who is usually saying, "Stop it, Walker!" But surely some of the drama will pass as he gets older. Right?? Anyone???? The other night he was in his crib and kept hollering, "Daddeeeee, I love you!" In his garbled, not quite two year old voice, it was just precious. Tom couldn't resist that and went and rocked him till he fell asleep.

Since I've been typing this, Harris has come out twice and asked for help fixing this puzzle. Look at this thing.
I have no idea how they expect a 3 year old to work it. It takes me forever just randomly sliding pieces around till they accidentally line up. I just sent Harris back to his room and told him we'll work on it after naptime. He brought the finished product out a few minutes later.

I'm impressed! And he thinks it's strange that I took pics of the puzzle both times. I guess it is a little strange. When I laid him down again he wanted to say prayers. He asked that Jesus and Santa would come to his birthday party. If you see him in the next few months, chances are good that he'll invite you to his party.  You'll be in good company, with both Jesus and Santa.

Yes, they knew God, but they wouldn't worship him as God or even give him thanks. And they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like. As a result, their minds became dark and confused.
Romans 1:21

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  1. So Jesus and Santa already RSVP'd??!! Wow, that's great - when I invited them to my party, they were somewhat noncommittal, you know, waiting to see if there was something better going on...