Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summertime and the livin' is easy

We just got back from our first ever family vacation. And it was a success!! We've traveled often but it's always been to see family, so there was a purpose behind it. I really had no desire to travel with them at these ages in the name of "vacation" but I'm so glad we did. I think the key was going with another family because the kids entertained each other and the adults could sit back a little. It was perfect. We stayed at a lakehouse that had a beachy waterfront and was little kid friendly. They had child and adult kayaks and that was probably the most loved part of the place.

Surprisingly, Harris got the hang of paddling quickly. I'm not sure he would have even tried it but there were older boys doing it so he wanted to keep up. He did great!

Fearless Walker splashed around and taught himself to float. Those kids are SO different. Harris' hair stayed dry the entire time because he wouldn't dream of voluntarily getting his face or head wet.

Happy little Hayes just hung out.

The couple we were with mentioned they never heard him cry the whole time we were there. It's true, he has become the easiest little guy. We can go and do things with him we never would have attempted with the other two because he just goes with the flow. He really didn't get much beach time. He napped most of the mornings away. It was nice to be able to put him down for a nap in the house and just focus on the other two.

To all my friends that recommended the puddle jumpers, thank you!! Those floaties made life so much easier. They didn't put up a fight about wearing them and we were comfortable letting them splash around by themselves in the water.
Here was our view across the lake.
Harris looked over there and said "Hey, there's a black reindeer!" I didn't see anything and just went about my business without paying much attention. Someone with sharper eyes than me said there really was something over there. Upon closer inspection.....there actually was a black reindeer.
There it was, plain as day. Our friends were fishing over on that side later and  had to throw rocks by it to keep it away. It's a brave black reindeer.
I am just so glad we ventured out. Now we know we can do it and actually enjoy it, because in my head it just sounded like lots of packing to go work in a different spot with no downtime. No thank you. There was a lot of packing involved, though. Between the food I packed and the other mom packed, we filled the ENTIRE refrigerator. The whole thing. I should have taken a picture. We could have lived for a month in that place and had enough food for all of us. Tom and I had things strapped onto the roof, no joke. He brought his bike, we had baby gear for days, and all the running clothes I took....... don't ask me how many times I went running. I am so glad we got away for a few days. It was much needed and we all got to enjoy each other without the responsibilities of home to think about.
Let me recap what everyone is doing right now, for my own benefit. Harris is into legos like it's his job. I've gotten him to take a break and play Old Maid with me a few times. He is surprisingly competitive about it.

Walker. Trains. Enough said. I was napping in his room when we were gone so I heard him wake up. Before his eyes were open he was mumbling "trains......tracks........gibberish....choo chooooooooo."
He's been letting me read more books to him so thats been fun. He usually wants to sing the YMCA or twinkle twinkle litte star before bed and that is AWESOME. I didn't know a toddler could be so totally tone deaf but he has no idea. He sings with gusto and gets so tickled at himself. If I weren't singing in my own tone deaf voice, I'd record it.

Hayes is Hayes. He's not moving (HALLELUJAH) and just hangs out and grins. He's so much fun. This is the face he makes when we change his clothes.

For some reason he thinks it's hilarious. Harris always thought it was funny when we changed the sheets and Walker has ALWAYS laughed when people fall down. Even as an infant he would laugh. In retrospect, we should have let him watch the Three Stooges when he was fussy.

I was reaching for something to entertain them the other day and got out the shaving cream and food coloring, thinking they'd love it. Walker refused to touch it at all and Harris put his finger in it once then asked for a towel to wipe his hands and spoon to stir it with. Good thing I got a pic when I did. Notice there's maybe one joint of his finger touching the stuff.

After that 3 minute activity was up, I got out water beads. I hadn't used these before but they came in a package about the size of an oatmeal packet, so I dumped them ALL in water. I kept having to get out more bowls. Look at this. I thought they'd all fit in that glass measuring cup.

That wasn't even all of them because I'd already put some out for the boys to play with. Or not play with, as it turned out. I guess I need to accpet that my kids just aren't into sensory things like that. I could have mashed them around for an hour but  neither one of them really wanted to touch them. I should just get out some swords and matchbox cars and call it a day.
We got some foam swords at HEB a few months ago and they play with those almost daily. Hayes just watches. I think he's learning their weaknesses, planning his strategy for when he's old enough to participate.

He's coming for you, guys.

I  know I put this on facebook but I want to repeat it here since this is my record keeping place.

I sent Harris to his room for some quiet time the other day and told him he could come out when his clock said four. After a few minutes, he came walking out and claimed his clock said 4. Since it was 3:30 I was wondering what was going on because I know he wouldn't lie about it. I went to check it out and Harris sort of smirked along after me. That little stinker changed the time! He's seen me do it but I was surprised he thought to do that to get out of his room. He was simultaneously proud of himself and slightly concerned he was going to get in trouble.

That's enough for one day. I'm glad summertime is winding down. It's time for cooler weather and football season :)

For he says to Moses, "I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion."
Romans 9:15