Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hayes. Is. One.

Hayes! You are one! This year flew but we have relished each stage of your baby-hood. There couldn't be a more beloved baby anywhere.  At dinner the other night you stuck one hand in the air and just left it. Soon, all 4 of us had our hands in the air and you looked around and started clapping. You know you command attention :)

Hayser, I have a confession. I am not really a "baby" person. I am overly concerned I will damage that floppy head and have never wanted to "smell the baby smell." . And I appreciate uninterrupted sleep. But you know what?? I LOVED your newborness. I would nurse you and rock and rock with your swaddled, content, warm little body. You made it so easy.

I love the happy-go-lucky sweet boy you are becoming but I miss the precious little baby that you were. One thing that is comforting to me is that I didn't waste it by wishing you were in the next stage. I enjoyed and appreciated that stage with you.  There were so many hours spent in the rocking chair praying over you and your brothers and just enjoying your sleeping weight in my arms. When I think back on your first year those times are some of my best memories with you.

 You loved to sleep in a woombie. When your arms would get zipped into that thing your whole face would grin. Thankfully, they make a "mega-baby" size so it accommodated you until you were ready to sleep without it. Side note, check out those lashes and lips. You are one pretty baby.

You used to think it was so funny when we changed your clothes.
You would make that excited face every time clothes when over your head. Sometimes I would change your clothes just because you liked it so much.

When you were 6 months old we went on vacation with another family for a few days. They commented that they never heard you cry! It's true, you just really don't. You are one happy little person. Any amount of attention makes you smile. You LOVE when I hold you out and chase around your brothers! I can only do this game for few minutes because you weigh 30 pounds. That is not a typo. You also love when someone catches your eye and smiles. You immediately grin back and kick your legs with excitement. When you wake up in the morning you are one big smile. When you see someone come in your room you start jumping up and down and laughing. What a way to start each day! You just expect it to be awesome. You love life.

You love your brothers and they adore you.

You wave with one arm straight out in front of you, pulsing up and down. The entire family now waves at you that way for as long as it takes you to wave back. You are very focused. When you look at something, you really LOOK at it and investigate from all angles. You are happy. Just so happy. Anyone that spends time with you smiles when they talk about you. It is a sweet gift to have such a joyful presence in our house. And you have the spirit of the dance! Mimi gave you some singing chipmunks for Christmas and you would just boogie away. You even learned how to press the button to make them sing.

Hayser, you are the icing on the cake for our family and we are so blessed to have you. You make all of us smile every day. One of the things I pray every day is thankingGod for giving you to us. When I think back to your first year, it struck me that I don't really remember life without you. It seems like you've always been here. I am looking forward to seeing you grow and what's ahead but savoring these sweet times with you. I hug you and kiss you far more than you probably want but I can't get enough. Love you so much, my sweet boy!!

Prepare for a picture dump.

Poor guy, we drug you around all over the place.
A 4th of July parade at Harris' school.

Farmers Market.

Children's Museum.

Headed to vacation. You weren't quite as excited as the rest of us.

Hitting the beach! 

You hung in there like a champ, though, and slept hard when given the opportunity.

I love that precious little bare foot.

We really did dress you sometimes. I promise.

And you spent LOTS of time smiling.


"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13