Sunday, December 7, 2014

Harris = seven

You are on a math kick so this title seemed appropriate. You have grown up so much this past year! Your feet smell and you officially have boy humor.  When I leave your room at night we have a tooting noise battle until I finally end it by going downstairs. No matter how many times we do this you still find it hilarious. Just thinking about it makes me chuckle because you laugh so hard.

You had stapled index cards together and told me I could write a book. I wrote a book about when you were born and drew a pic of you in a diaper. This was your reaction. Easy laughs. :)

You are still a tender hearted boy. Caroline sprained her ankle a few weeks ago and you prayed every night for God to heal her ankle until she got her boot off. God gave you an empathetic heart. You ask every night about Mrs. B's son and Rebecca, two people we pray for. You want to know the details of their health battles and you cringe sometimes when you hear but pray even more fervently. You care about people. I love that in you.

This is you on pajama day at school. 

You did a play that required you to stand next to the same person for awhile. You didn't really love who you were standing by because there was lots of jostling, I think. You asked your teacher if you could be moved but he said no because he thought you were the best person in the class to influence the other child's behavior for the better.  Your character is already speaking volumes! I'm so proud that you were able to focus on the job you were there to do and not be swayed by shenanigans. Sometimes I still get drawn into shenanigans so I appreciate that about you.

Harris, you've handled some unique situations at a tender age. You have a special needs brother 20 months younger than you and a sister with unique needs that is basically your twin. And a two yr old sibling. Every one else's needs are bigger and louder and get met first. I hate that so much but it happens out of necessity. God knew what your life would entail when he made you and he gave you an insight that I think is beyond your years. You get it. You understand what we are doing and why and you wait and you help. You know you are on Team Goolsby and you cheerfully do your part. While it hurts me for you, sometimes, I don't think this is hurting you. You are a social creature and love your time playing with your siblings. I cannot imagine you without Caroline by your side. You and your brothers play boy things and you enjoy being with them.

Walker actually wasn't about to hit you. He was doing a dance move. 

You were home one day when Walker's occupational therapist was working with him on food. You saw how she did it and got the concept of her approach. Now, at mealtime, you will play with him in the same way she does, engaging him in fun ways and pushing him to expand his food boundaries. It's working and it's awesome that you care enough to do it. That is a gifting for you, I think, to meet someone where they are and take them under your wing and help them expand their boundaries. You did it with Caroline too, when she needed it, and you know how to be gentle and fun and make it feel safe. 

They were taking turns kissing you. You pretended you didn't like it but you loved it. 

You are not too cool for a song with hand motions. 
Y'all are singing 'Our God is a great big God' at angel breakfast this year. I love this sweet and inncent worship! I told you tonight about Rebecca, who you pray for daily, getting her hospital room and house decorated and your response was that God was so cool to do all that. You really believe you serve a great big God and I pray you never lose that!

You are just fun to hang out with. You are smart and funny and have interesting things to say.  You're always thinking and wanting to discuss things.   After a morning of you hypothesizing and being right, you said, 'My brain is just always getting the right answer today!' You like to analyze situations and understand it from all angles. You want to understand the factors in a decision and the motivation behind people's behaviors. That is awesome because it will help you put yourself in other people's shoes and have compassion when that might not be the obvious first response.

You are a great big brother. You are tender with Hayes and go out of your way to help him. He is outrageously independent so he doesn't allow much but you do what you can.

You are responsible and organized. We went out of town for a few days and you packed yourself and two other kids. You remembered the jobs I assigned to you of getting a sound machine and toothbrushes for all kids the morning we left. You knew exactly where you put everything and handled it all on your own.

I spelled out something in all the ribbon on your gifts, because you are so practical. You loved it!

Currently, you love a show called The Daytripper,about a guy exploring small towns around texas. You eat, sleep and breathe Legos. You love to ride your bike as fast as you can. You enjoy following the rules. You like to rock out to your MP3 player. You love to play with your siblings and your all time favorite thing to do is go to Mimi and Kb's house, preferably if it's just you.

Here you are watching the Daytripper. 

While the fact that you are becoming a big boy is breaking my heart, it's also really fun. I don't just love you because you're my child; I like because you are you! It's a pleasure to be in your company. I enjoy hearing your thoughts and opinions. You are very interested in the world around you and love life so much that it is infectious. You are joyful, intelligent, and kind. That's the definition of awesome. I am so thankful to be your mommy! I am excited to see how God molds you this next year!

This is my verse to pray over you this year.
Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children. Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ. He loved usand offered himself as a sacrifice for us, a pleasing aroma to God.
Eph 5:1-2