Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Date Night Toddler Style

Tom and I have a recent obsession with Smashburger. I like one of their chicken sandwiches and the only calorie information I can find says it has 380. I seriously doubt the accuracy of that but will continue to eat Smashburger guilt free as long as no one proves to me otherwise. So Sunday night we decided we would take a family trip out to eat. We very rarely do this, for obvious reasons. We usually get takeout but I guess we were feeling energetic. So we rounded up the troops to get shoes on, got sippy cups, started packing food for Walker, etc, when the wheels fell off. Walker lost his mind and couldn't regroup so Tom sent Harris and I out to eat and just asked us to bring his home. This turned into the most fun night I've had with Harris in a long time. On the way he asked if we could go eat pizza instead, so we went to a pizza place in Helotes. He was so excited to be out, just the two of us, and was a perfect little gentlemen. He just chattered away and asked questions about everything under the sun. I get time alone with each of them every day, but rarely outside the house in a new environment. I don't know why we hadn't thought to do that. Tom and I are firm believers in date night, out of the house. When I quit working we decided to cut everything non-essential and just add back in what we missed. We both considered date night an essential. And, interestingly enough, we found we didn't actually miss any of the things we had cut out. But anyway, being away from the routine and responsibility of the house makes our conversation better and allows us to focus more on each other. It was the exact same with Harris. In a new environment, and one on one, we had a completely different conversation.  I wish I had a picture of him sitting like a big boy in his chair, asking questions and enjoying being heard. I don't know who had more fun. We will definitely be making time for each of us to spend time away from the house with each boy. Especially before Three comes along.

And I want to write down some things Harris has said lately so I don't forget. Today, he headbutted me right in the stomach. I told him he really needed to be gentle with me because there was a baby in there. He looked at me, shocked, and said, "There's a baby in your tummy??? Why did you eat it?!?!?!?!" Even typing it again makes me laugh. Months ago, I told him, "I'm pooped." He looked at me with an interested expression and said, "You did??" And if Walker is doing anything that looks remotely like he's breaking the rules, Harris immediately finds me and says, "Walker's doing something!" I've also heard, "Walker, that is a NO!" He so wants to be the rule enforcer. Walker's latest thing is answering questions with, "I DO!!" If you ask him if he wants something, it's "I do strawberries!" or "I do goldfish!" If he's really excited he'll do a little dance while he's telling you about it. It's nice to have some more communication with him.

Speaking of Walker, this little guy has a hard head. Somehow, he fell into the wall. LOOK at the damage his head did.

And he somehow doesn't have a bruise on his head and the crying stopped quickly. I don't even know what to say about this but am starting to get concerned for our house if this is what happens before he's even two. Tom and I were both standing right there when he did but neither one of us saw what happened. It's undetermined what role Harris played but pretty sure he was involved in some way.

I went back to church on Sunday, after missing 6 or 7 weeks. It was SO good to be back! A sweet friend met me in the parking lot with lots of enthusiasm and there were hugs and congratulations galore when we got inside. I cannot even express how sweet it was to be back in a place to lift up the name of the Lord with people I love. And the message was exactly what I needed to hear. There was scripture and context that gave guidance directly on an issue I've been praying about and wrestling with for several weeks. I read my Bible and spend time with the Lord without going to church, but there is no replacement for going and being surrounded by other believers, having set aside time to do nothing but worship, and hear a message taught by someone that's taken time to study, pray on, and analyze the scripture. It sets the tone for the week.  So glad to be back. 

"By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." John 13:35

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  1. Oh, I LOVE date nights one on one with my kids!! It's sad, Brian and I had one date, on our anniversary, in the last 7 months, yet I think each of us has taken the children out one on one several times. Oh well...just a season. :) The dates get so much fun as they get older too!
    P.S. I need to stop reading your blog. Harris reminds me so much of Jaxon years ago and it makes me a little sad. TREASURE your time!