Friday, September 24, 2010

New Look

Someone showed me how to make your blog look cute. I love it! Anyone that's been in my house knows I can't resist some animal print. Tastefully done, of course. Because obviously animal print = classy. Right??The fact that pink is involved just makes it that much better. There's one part that's bothering me but I'm trying to ignore it. I'm not going to tell you, so you won't have to dwell on the imperfection when you come visit me. Anyway, you can see in the post below little Walker's room is done in blue animal print. I still can't quite believe Tom was ok with me getting that fabric. Actually, Tom picked it! Of course, I had shown him so many options for so long I think he might have just pointed at one randomly to put an end to it. I'm also a little surprised Tom lets me dress them the way I do sometimes. I've never seen a sweater vest or plaid pant that was "too much." 

 Harris is to the point that when I tell him it's church day he asks if he gets to wear a "sweater-best." Look at this one. Loud pants AND a sweater vest. Be still my heart.

That's his good buddy Jack. Can you tell Harris is excited to be getting their pic made together? He's even attempting a side-hug.
Tom and I have stayed busy this week. Tom is swamped at work and we've had things going several nights. Hopefully we can relax and do some family things this weekend. Tomorrow is a triathlon benefiting our friends' adoption. They are bringing home two sweet children from the Caribbean! So exciting! I'm not doing the event because I DO NOT ride a bike and I'm not much of a swimmer. I haven't enjoyed bike riding since about age 8. Maybe if they had a mountain bike with a banana seat. I've snorkeled in the ocean a few times, but it just involved me holding out my arm while Tom pulls me along. I don't know how I managed it when I was single. Probably more punch on the boat and less snorkeling, would be my guess. Regardless, there's a good number of people signed up so it should be fun and definitely beneficial for our friends. If it's not raining we'll probably spend some time on Harris' new Big Wheel. This is NOT like what I  had as a kid. It sings, has blinker signals, so fancy. You still can't steer them though. I think I would have preferred steering capability over blinker signals, but whatever. He spends more time inspecting it that pedaling it.

I think he had more fun with Tom and I sliding him across the floor in this box. We will attempt to remember that lesson at Christmas.

Walker is pretty easy to please right now too. He is loving the rain. If we had even stepped on the porch in a rainstorm with Harris, he would have gone crazy. It's funny how different they are. Walker would have walked around in it all day if I would have let him.

One of the things we did this week was visit our friends' student ministry on UTSA's campus. It's called Chi Alpha and they are doing GREAT things! It was awesome to see students worship and lead others to Christ. One of our sweet babysitters is involved and we'd heard so much about it we just wanted to check it out. There is a few minutes of "Say hi to the person next to you" like you would at church. Those poor college kids were so nice to Tom and I, but they were clearly a little confused about what we were doing there. Apparently, we're no longer able to blend in at all with college kids. I could have lived under that delusion for a little longer......Oh well.

Walker got his 1 year pictures taken this week. They were looking pretty cute, even though he was not really in the mood. For every 1 cheerful picture there are easily 5 of tears and tantrums. I would have done it another day but if we kept postponing they wouldn't have been 1 year pictures anymore! He's currently doing a zombie walk that is precious. Cuter than it sounds.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

"Since you call on a Father who judges each man's work impartially, live your lives as strangers here in reverent fear." 1 Peter 1:17

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