Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day

Our weekend was good. Yesterday I took the boys to a football field down the street and just let them run off some energy. Check them out.
We stayed there a good hour, until Harris had a bathroom incident. These days, it's not a party till someone poops.  So it was bathtime when we got home and after that I got the urge to cut Harris' hair. Now, I have seen this done by many people and by Tom, and it looks simple enough. I put on Toy Story, gave him fruit snacks, and got started. It was looking ok.......but still needed to be shorter. That's where I got into trouble. In my defense of this next picture, Walker was literally hanging off my arm when I made this move with the clippers.

I realize it's blurry but that was the best I could get. There is a fairly noticeable bald section in the middle of his head and don't even LOOK at his neck or the sides. I don't know why I kept going after that......I had forgotten we're getting family pictures made this coming weekend too. Perfect.

We went to a birthday party this weekend and some of the party favors were a space shuttle and some Toy Story tattoos. Here's Harris showing off his loot.

He has an irrational attachment to that space shuttle.

We went to toddler time again this morning. I had to do the walk of shame out of there. I made the rookie mistake of letting Walker out of his stroller. Now, I know better than that. There's just no excuse. Of course, he was all over the place and any attempt to corral him led to a fit, so I just picked him up and put him under my arm, football style. He was still screaming and squirming while I'm trying to explain to Harris why we can't stay. And it's pouring, so I fought the rain twice for that 5 minute experience. On the way home I said something to Harris and called him honey. He told me "I not honey, I Harris William Goolsby!" He says his name so fast it just takes about 2 syllables for him to get all 3 words out.

Our lights are flickering, so I'm off to get my cleaning supplies together in case I wind up cleaning in the dark.

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." Proverbs 13:12

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