Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pregnancy-Take Two

Obviously, childbirth causes memory loss, because Tom and I decided 12 months after Harris was born that it was time to do all of this again.

Thankfully, my pregnancy with Walker was much, much easier. I was sick with him in the beginning but not nearly as bad as the first time. Once the first trimester was over, things were smooth sailing. He was born September 8th, so I was extremely pregnant in the heat and even that didn't seem too bad. I was outside in it nearly every day after work and it was fine. I'm VERY thankful that my pregnancy with him was so much easier. The Lord must have known I would need my energy for the independent little spirit that was growing inside me.

Labor was also a breeze. I was induced with him and he was born in four very easy hours. I was actually laughing when he was born because I couldn't believe it was so simple. We were out of the hospital in 24 hours and home with a sweet little baby.

I think I was able to enjoy Walker as a newborn more because I wasn't so worried about messing things up. Tom and I both knew the routine a little better and things just seemed easier, even with a toddler around. It wasn't the relaxing time of cocooning with the baby that we got with Harris but it was just as sweet in a different way.

I SO wish we had a video of Harris meeting Walker for the first time. I think he thought Walker was a baby doll, until Walker moved and made a noise. Harris gasped in complete shock. He was pretty gentle with Walker, considering a 19 month old boy isn't really known for gentle-ness.

One of my all time favorite pics of him.

And just so there's one with his eyes open, here he is at 4 months.

Enough pregnancy/labor documentation.

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