Thursday, January 26, 2012

Walker's New Room

So Walker got kicked out of his nursery and moved to Tom's old office. His nursery is across the hall from the kitchen and laundry room and he's an ultra-light sleeper (even with a sound machine). That means absolutely no laundry or kitchen cleaning at naptime. I'm a little sad that excuse is gone, actually. Anyway, I wasn't planning on doing much to it besides putting up blackout curtains because it's a transitional thing and who knows how long he'll be in there. But Harris was fascinated by the whole process of the room becoming something else and Walker having a whole new place to sleep. He asked me if we were going to paint the walls and I told him no. He looked a little confused, then asked me what I was going to do to make it look pretty for Walker. Ouch. So I thought I better get it together and  make it someplace Walker would enjoy. It's a hodge podge of random furniture because we eventually want to move the boys together and put them in bunk beds upstairs and they each already have a full set of furniture. Besides, the last thing we need is more stuff so we just wanted to use what we had.  It's super simple and was easy but I love the way it looks and more importantly, Walker does.

The dresser was made by Tom's grandfather, which is neat. Can you believe someone made that? Awesome. And Tom was very close to his grandfather so it's cool that we have something handcrafted by him. I'm sure he would get a kick out of knowing his great-grandson was using it. And Walker's obsession with trains came in handy. In lieu of artwork, I just hung up family pics and he loves them. Costco printed enlargements, 11 x 14, for only 2.99. Yet another thing to love about Costco! The red lantern thing is his nightlight. I should also mention how long it took me to hang those darn pictures. I got a tape measure out and everything, determined not to spend all afternoon hammering nails, eyeballing it, then scooching the nail 1/4 inch. That's exactly what I ended up doing, though. I needed a level and couldn't find one. And then, after I got them up, I decided the frames would look better spray painted silver instead of black. That was a fiasco all its own, but they're up now and look relatively level. If anyone thinks otherwise please don't tell me.

The recliner is super old, but not in a cool way like the dresser is old. It's just plain old. But that's fine, it works. I think it was my parents. I already am getting attached to it because of the snuggling Walker has wanted to do in that chair. The nesting tables were definitely my mom's and they're perfect in that spot. They've been all over every house Tom and I have lived in. They're looking a little rough around the edges because Harris went through a stage of pretending they were a car, rocket ship, fire truck, etc. I was on the fence about the train decal because it wasn't really what I pictured but Walker thinks it's great. He randomly walks in his room and says, "TRAIN TRACKS!" And those curtains aren't blackout curtains but they have a blackout liner behind them. I'm probably the last one to know this, but I had no idea you could just buy liners and use any curtains you wanted. I thought you were limited to the 5 color selections blackout curtains come in. Even with more direct light and larger windows, this room stays darker than his other one did, so the liners work well.

The crib came from a neighbor and the front pops off easily to make it a toddler bed. I'm just glad Walker hasn't started climbing out of it yet! I love those vinyl things you can stick on the wall. They come in whatever colors and sizes you want and they're super easy and inexpensive. Perfect. Walker likes to just get in his crib and play. The first time he played in here after I put that on the wall he immediately started trying to peel that off! Seriously??? What would even make him think to do that? So the first night he slept in there I was curious to see if it was still on the wall in the morning. It was, maybe the novelty wore off.

They both think this room is awesome and play in here all the time because it was off limits entirely when it was Tom's office. They seem to think they're breaking the rules a little bit and that probably helped Walker transition to his new place easier. A couple of times he's asked for his other bed but it hasn't been a huge deal. If he was persistent about the other bed, Tom was going to move it. He was hoping to avoid that since he'd have to take both cribs totally apart to get them through doorways, though. One of the doorways in the pic above is his closet, one goes to the bathroom, if anyone was wondering. This room has double doors from the hallway, too, so there's not much wall space. But he's got plenty of floor space for his toys and generally seems pretty happy in there. It's just a relief to me that he's settled in there completely and the baby's room is all set. There's nothing that HAS to be done before #3's arrival.

Nothing except a weekend away for Tom and I, that is!! Oh, this made me laugh. I explained to Harris that he and Walker were going to stay with Mimi by themselves while Daddy and I stayed somewhere else. He said, "Won't you miss me??" I told him that we would miss him very much, but it was just like when he goes to school. He misses us but is having fun all at the same time. He said, "Well, I don't really miss you when I'm at school, Mommy." Ha!! Little kid honesty is absolutely the best.

Have a good weekened, everyone. Team Goolsby definitely will!!!

Sticking with my mantra:
Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.
Phillippians 1:27


  1. You are not the last person to know about the curtains...I had no idea either til I read this! W's new room is cute cute cute! :)