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Before I move into 2012, I wanted to post some Christmas memories for us. It was so so good. My parents rented a little cabin so the boys had room to roam around and drive their little car. We all really enjoyed the change of scenery and getting to spend so much time outside.  I could not have been more proud of little Walker. The boys got gifts to share and he really got the concept of sharing with his brother. He is growing up every day and blooming into the sweetest little guy. My parents gave him a recordable card and he listens to it over and over again. They both quote the card at random all day long. "Ho ho hooooooo, little guy. Merry Christmas, bye!" That's what my dad says and both boys try to say it in a deep voice like his. I need to try to video it, it's priceless. My parents gave them a little truck to drive and it was a big hit. They had it sitting in the living room of the cabin when we walked in but Harris was much too busy looking at everything else to see it. Walker spotted it first and said, "Look! We got a car!" Yes, a complete sentence. The only full sentence I'd ever heard him say before was, "I love Thomas." So that was a big deal in and of itself. Here they are checking out their new ride.

My brother got them a train set and that was also a big hit. They have played and played with it. It's definitely the year of the train for Walker. That's really all he wants to do. The cabin had a big deck and we had to move the train thing outside to get him to come out. And he LOVES being outside, he just couldn't bear to be parted with his train tracks.

They did plenty of driving and train tracking while we were there.

I guess this is a preview of when Harris turns 16. Since his personality is so cautious, I expected him to be a careful driver. That's not the case at all. He floors it everywhere he goes, while looking at the radio, talking, waving, messing with his cupholder or seatbelt. Pretty much doing anything but looking where he's going.

However, Harris wouldn't budge without putting his seat belt on and Walker won't wear his. That is TOTALLY each of their personalities. Here's Harris trying to buckle Walker in.

That was a losing battle. Here they are watching my mom shoot stomp rockets.

Must have been a good one.

More train tracks...

Playtime with Uncle Justin.

We did Christmas as a family of four on Christmas Eve morning. We kept it very low key and I'm glad we did. Even with what little they had to open they were super excited and a little overwhelmed. Harris had gone shopping at a little store at his school for gifts. He picked out something for Tom, Walker, and me. However, what he picked out for me he told me all along was really for his friend Carter. I think his teacher just made him buy for me because he told me several times, "Ms. Mady said she doesn't know Carter." Here are the gifts he gave us.

He was so so proud to give Walker his present, a snowman Christmas ornament. Walker had zero interest in opening it because he had a new train to play with. Poor Harris kept saying, "Walker, don't you want to open this??? Walker.....I got this for YOU!" Poor guy. Carter came over later that day and Harris found what he'd gotten for me and told Carter it was for him. I'm just happy he's so excited to give gifts. Carter was a little suspicious about it and asked me if he could REALLY take it home. I let him, Harris clearly wanted him to have it. It's good that some recipient was excited to get his gift.

 We got Walker a plasma car because he has loved one at my friend's house and played with it non-stop. However, I'm not sure he's even ridden it since he saw it. You just never know.  They each got a vibrating toothbrush and that was probably the most exciting thing for them. Walker's is Thomas the Train, of course, Harris' is Spiderman.

This was such a sweet time with family this year. It's precious time knowing that next Christmas there will be a third little Goolsby. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.
Luke 2:11

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