Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Been Awhile

I've been a MIA blogger the past couple of weeks, for no particular reason. Harris has been doing swim lessons this week and it seems to be taking our entire day to do this 30 minute class. It's a chore to get him in his bathing suit, then Walker doesn't want to go to childcare (which in his defense I don't really blame him), then by the time Harris gets changed and we're out the door it's almost 11. While Harris enjoys his lesson I'm not convinced they're all that effective. He's putting his face in the water and splashing around a little bit but not much more than that. The main selling point for doing them at the Y as opposed to the place everyone raves about is the childcare for Walker. The thought of chasing him around and keeping him out of the pool for 30 minutes wears me out. He loves water and is so curious. Anyway, so we've been doing that.
We went to Boerne last weekend for the first time. Cute! Seeing all these small towns with fun main streets makes me want to move. But Tom pointed out we live in Helotes, which has its own fun main street that we've never visited. Maybe we'll do that this weekend instead of putting our house on the market. We also went to a park in Boerne and it's just as well we won't be moving there. There was a kid playing there (with long hair and pink tennis shoes) and a super chatty grandfather. I said something to him about his granddaughter and he told me that was actually his grandSON. Oh. Party foul. That has to happen pretty regularly though.

We also picked up the souvenir below while in Boerne. Harris thinks he is a big deal with this. Poor little Walker is distraught that he can't ride it. I feel so bad for him. He's content to just sit on it but he can barely even do that. One day it will be his turn and for now, Harris LOVES this thing.

We went to a birthday party with a bounce house that Walker was all about. Look at this cute boy.
I'm pretty sure the bounce house experience aged me. Walker was in the middle of the action and all the other kids were bigger. He kept falling down while the big kids bounced around him. He must have been divinely protected because no one fell down on him. I was watching, ready to jump in and take him out of there, but it was fine.

And I just discovered something that probably everyone else knows about. Sunshine deals for your kindle???!?!? There are tons of books for .99-2.99, and they're good books. Not just what you'd find on the clearance table someplace. I guess they change every few weeks. I read quickly so spending $10 on something I'm going to fly through in a couple of days just isn't appealing to me. Plus, I've tried books I wouldn't have ordinarly gotten and really liked them. Plan B is great!! I have highlighted all over the place in this. It's rooted in scripture but also very readable and easy to apply. I also bought Choosing to See because I've heard it's good. I'm a little reluctant to start something so heavy though. If you don't know this family's story, it deals with the death of their daughter. June Bug would be a good beach read for the summer. It's an easy read and a good story. Not that I will be lounging by any beaches this summer. If we go to the coast it will involve several large bags of gear, lots of sunscreen application, constant wiping away of sand, and changing swim diapers/visiting porta-potties. Sounds like so much fun. It makes this pool look much more appealing.
That's all they need....right? They've ALMOST got enough room to each stretch their legs out.

  Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.
2 Corinthians 7:1

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