Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

     We crammed so much action into our 3 day weekend that it felt more like a week! Friday night I took the boys to the Splash Pad at our gym. I hadn't been before and parked in the wrong place....so I walked two kids in bathing suits all the way through the gym, then we walked BACK through, completely wet. I realized later there was a parking area just for the pool. Oops. Come to think of it, I hadn't seen anyone in a bathing suit parading around the workout equipment. But we made it, so that's what counts. The splash park was a hit and it was easy to take them even by myself. There are huge buckets that dump water out and Walker got numerous buckets dumped right in his face. He didn't care. Not a whimper. They had so much fun and were completely worn out when we left. The excitement continued when Tom brought in a lizard while I was giving them a bath.

Harris' face in the bottom one is awesome. The lizard unepectedly moved. Poor thing was probably terrified. So that kept things exciting.

Saturday morning was our last soccer game, finally. I was so excited for him to get into sports and now I'm just a little relieved that it's over. But it was fun and I really liked our team. All the parents were of the mindeset that it's a game and the purpose is for them to have fun. We had an end of year party, complete with medals (presented by our awesome coach) and donuts. What else could a gaggle of 3 year olds want?

Saturday night we met some friends at Mo Maks. It's a very family friendly place. We sat right next to the toddler play area and all Walker wanted to do was climb the stairs. Sigh. It's just his age. He wasn't being bad, just staying busy.
Sunday morning was church. It got off to a rocky start......but Walker rallied and Tom and I both got to enjoy the service. This video was the intro to the sermon and it is SO good. It's awesome because it is pure truth!

After we got home the boys played together some more. Yay!! I feel like we're turning a corner and they're going to start enjoying each other more, and hopefully with less arguing. Anyone that has kids older than this  and knows that's not true, please don't tell me. This is the definition of "Ignorance is bliss. "

Sunday night we let them play in our kiddie pool in the backyard. They dumped buckets of water out for easily 30 minutes.  Walker imitated every step Harris took and was pretty proud of himself for being able to hang with his brother.

Monday was one of the longest days we've ever had with these two. We were up at out the door early to go to Marburger Orchard. It's near Fredericksburg. Only blackberries and strawberries were able to be picked the day we went so Walker had to stay in his stroller the entire time. Balckberry bushes have thorns and he would have stepped on the strawberries, so here's what he did most of the morning.

I finally just gave him my camera. Glad I brought both of them.

Here is one of the 200 pics he took while we were there.
 Meanwhile, the rest of us went on picking fruit. Harris was a good helper at finding strawberries.

They had beautiful wildflowers and I really wanted a pic of Harris in them. After numerous tries, this was the best of the bunch.
After picking some of the sweetest strawberries I've ever had, we headed to Fredericksburg. We went to the park and just walked around the town for awhile.

We had lunch at a place with an older guy playing country music. Old school country, like George Jones. Walker LOVED it. He danced his way through lunch. There were two older women sitting right by the "stage" videoing this guy with their iphones. Tom and I were kind of giggling at the "groupies" until we realized Walker was just as into it as they were. We ended up staying there till almost 2, which is waaaay past naptime. I assumed at least Walker would fall asleep on the hour ride home but he managed to keep his eyes open and they both took good naps.

We went to dinner at a friend's house that night and I wish I had pictures. All 5 kids played together with next to no fighting. It's so nice when that happens.

Even writing that was long! We had a birthday party this morning so the mayhem continued. They're both napping right now and my kitchen is in desperate need of mopping.

....."The gracious hand of our God is on everyone who looks to him, but his great anger is against all who forsake him."
Ezra 8:22

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