Monday, May 2, 2011


I just returned from FOUR days away. That's right, 96 hours all to myself. I feel like a new woman.

I went to a women's retreat near Winter Park, CO with my sweet friend Amanda. We laughed and laughed and laughed. I'm STILL laughing about one particular incident that would not sound nearly as funny if I tried to re-tell it. But I'm going to try anyway......we went to drop off the rental car and were taking the shuttle to the airport. We each had one bag and a carry on. The bags were even the same size. Point being there is no reason one of us would have needed any more help than the other. So the shuttle driver comes over to meet us as we're walking to the shuttle. Well, I shouldn't say he came to meet US, I should clarify that he came to meet AMANDA. He greeted her, took her bag, and started chatting her up about her trip and where we were headed. I'm struggling a few feet behind them. At this point, my carry on has fallen off the rolling suitcase, so I was trying to put it back, but my purse and coat were in the way, so things are falling off in every direction. He contines to have eyes only for Amanda. I ended up using brute force to get my things to the shuttle because they were already loaded at this point. I was afraid he would leave without me! Amanda and I are laughing hysterically because the situtaion is so ridiculous and so completely obvious. The guy finally notices me and half-heartedly apoligozes and moves my bag the final 6 inches. Thanks dude. So we giggled all the way to the airport. Getting off the shuttle, SAME THING. He remembers which nearly identical black bag is hers, grabs it and puts it gently on the curb, still talking to her about who knows what. NEVER TOUCHED MY BAG. Really???? I could hardly even carry it down the steps because I was laughing so hard. So was Amanda and he never stopped talking to her. Oh my goodness gracious.

Anyway, the retreat was good on so many levels. Having time to devote to just worshipping the Lord and spending time with Him was incredibly refreshing. I have so many things whirling around in my head to journal about. It takes time to process it all and sort through it. But the time was incredibly sweet and I'm so thankful to have family that lets me go into the mountains for four days and be with my Father.
And the place we stayed was absolutely beautiful. It was a Young Life camp near Winter Park, CO. Pictured below is THE Amanda.....heartbreaker of Advantge Car Rental Shuttle drivers everywhere. And thank you for the coat, Megan!

Look at this enormous pile of snow. In May??

We even saw mountain goats on the side of the road. There were several moose crossings signs...but no such luck.

I was a little concerned about driving back over the winding roads on the mountain but it ended up being fine. Apparently Winter Park is a tad bit more equipped to deal with snowy conditions than San Antonio.

It was awesome to get the opportunity to go. My parents took off work, flew down here, then were on toddler entertainment duty for four days straight. Tom ended up having to take off work Friday because Walker had an ear infection, so there was even a dr's visit thrown in there. All 3 of them did it with a great attitude and I was able to just relax. Thank you Mimi, KB, and Tom!!

My dad even built shelves for Harris.

Cute, aren't they? He loves them.

Right before I left, Walker fell down and chipped a tooth! It makes me sick to my stomach to think about it. He was standing right next to me and just fell down for no apparent reason. I'm sure our dr questioned my parenting skills when she saw him looking like this. And you really can't tell his tooth is chippd because it's on the bottom and his smile doesn't show it very often. But I know it's there!

You might not be able to tell, but that green thing on his his forehead is a big knot, from a separate incident. Seeing him hurt himself while I was right next to him AND paying attention to what he was doing was a good lesson for me though. Sometimes things just happen and there's nothing that could have been done to prevent it.  And it's funny that he is so ornery and into things, yet when he actually caused himself some damage he wasn't even doing anything wrong! Sweet little boy. It was good to just soak up his hugs today.

This is completely unrelated but I wanted to remember this pic. Harris really likes to dress like Walker and he LOVES to dress like Tom.

I will dress those little boys alike while I can. Does Harris look like he's walking the runway?

One of my favorite scriptures.
As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem." Isaiah 66:13

The worship song below is awesome.

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