Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Living on Toddler Time

     One of the things I hated about working was having to get up and rush through the morning routine to get it all done before I had to leave. I think kids have their entire lives to rush in the mornings and at this age there's just no reason that they can't take their time. One thing I decided when I quit working was that I wouldn't consistently do things that make us rush around in the morning. However, this is getting out of hand. Harris just likes to take his time, in general. Eating breakfast can easily take him an hour. I don't know how to get him to eat faster without standing over him like a drill sargent. He's not necessarily doing something specific that he shouldn't be, he's just not in a hurry. He'll talk to Walker or want to sing a song, look around aimlessly, just generally not eat. Suggestions? Really the only alternative is to strap him in his car seat and give him a breakfast bar (or barn, as he calls it). That way he has till we get where we're going to eat it, but I'd rather not do that. I wanted to be somewhere by 9, but they slept till 8. There's no way Harris could have gone to the bathroom, changed clothes, and eaten by 8:40. He can drag each of those activities out to 4 times as long as they should take. And I don't want to wake him up earlier because he (like his mom) is grumpy when sleepy.  But some mornings it would be nice to get out of the house a little more quickly.
     Anyway, Walker had his first popsicle yesterday. He couldn't quite figure out what to do with it at first but he got the hang of it pretty quickly. And it didn't taste as good as it looks, by the way.

His shirt is currently soaking in half a bottle of Spray and Wash. 

And we got out our very classy backyard pool. It may look a little ridiculous but it's about 100 times easier than taking this show on the road to the neighborhood pool and it's too hot to do anything else outside, so this is what we've got.

Another thing about this picture....I've given up the fight against guns in our house. The boys have the right to bear arms. Bring on the water guns! I guess those aren't technically guns but it's the closest thing they've had to a gun. They loved it. Harris and his friend put out "fires" on those windows for hours. Walker went inside and was looking out the windows at them and kept getting so tickled when they would aim at his face.  I can't believe how long they were entertained by the simplest thing. 

Another thing they were excited about. Tom had cracked the garage door open and they kept trying to lift it up. Harris would count to 3 and they would lift with all their might. I wish I had a video of those 3 little boys trying so hard to raise that door. I should have pushed the opener as they were lifting. I didn't think of that until now.  Maybe next time.

Swimming lessons are getting a little better. They quit using the kickboard and jumped off the side of the pool today. That's progress. If nothing else I think it might have gotten Harris a little more comfortable with the water. He also stopped telling me before every class that he's not putting his head under. His hair actually got wet today.  

Don't forget to tell me if you have suggestions to get Harris moving a little faster!!

Look to the LORD and his strength;
   seek his face always.
1 Chronicles 16:11

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