Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

Our weekend was good but I can't say we did anything over the top for Father's Day. Tom and I so rarely get to go do things on our own that we usually both go off by ourselves for awhile on these types of days. So Tom saw a movie and got to browse a bookstore ALL ALONE. He was a happy camper. Here was his Father's Day card from his people.

I'm probably the last person to know about this, but TinyPrints does personalized cards for everything. I thought you had to order them in bulk, like Christmas cards, but you don't. There was even a code for .99/card, so much cheaper than what you could buy at the store and much much cuter. Love this and I'll be doing it again.
Saturday we went to a birthday party at Kiddie Park. It was a neat little place. Harris liked it....lots of little kid rides with no lines, so he could just hop right on. He likes instant gratification (who doesn't, really), so that was perfect.

This was Walker, pretty much the entire time.
He's completely fearless and loves action, so I would have thought this would have been right up his alley. Not so much. But the place was really cute and even on a Saturday, it wasn't too packed. Most of it was shaded, so it was bearable in the heat. We'll be going back, maybe in a few months when Walker is able to be a little more independent.

Harris is done with swim lessons. Finally.
While the class was a little underwhelming, he does seem more comfortable in the water. He fell in the pool yesterday and was completely submerged and came up laughing. I still can't decide if my expectations were too high or what. Regardless, it's done. We have YET to take Walker to the pool this summer. We took him last year but he wasn't walking well, so he was still manageable. I feel like we should bite the bullet and take him at some point but it just doesn't sound appealing in any way.

Anyway, Walker and I are getting some quality time together while Harris is at camp this week. It's Harris' first time to go to anything like this. He loves it. There were zero tears the first day. Really, he just walked in the room and hollered a half hearted bye over his shoulder. I was standing by his room to pick him up when his class came walking down the hall. He looked at me, barely made eye contact, then just kept walking into his classroom and started playing. Clearly, he hadn't been pining away for me.
Here he is the first day. Please notice the watch. It was the best dollar I've spent so far. He treats that like it's a precious Rolex and is constantly fussing with where it should be on his arm, showing it to everyone we see. He really wanted to get Tom a watch for Father's Day. Hahaha. He would have expected Tom to wear his Mickey Mouse Dollar Tree watch everywhere. Tom got an awesome Father's Day gift but it will get it's own post later.

Let your gentleness be evident to all. Philipians 4:5


  1. It seriously took me like 5 minutes to figure out that the Father's Day card wasn't life size (like Harris sized)! It looked like it was sitting on the floor and with the door behind it, it looked life size!! HA!
    We LOVED Kiddie Park when the kids where younger.
    Where is Harris in camp at?

  2. Hahaha! Jen, every time I get those cards I'm going to think about them being life sized :) Harris is in camp at St. Thomas, at 281 and 1604. Amanda's little boy is there too so she drops off and I pick up.