Thursday, January 6, 2011

Belated Christmas Post

This is really just for myself, since I doubt anyone else wants to hear about Christmas anymore. If you do choose to keep reading, hum the "Christmas Shoes" song to get you back in the mood. (Not really...)
Pretty much all of my Christmas plans for how the morning was going to go went out the window because Harris was not himself, so we went straight to the presents. That and breakfast basically took the whole morning, then he was ready for naptime.

 They are crowded around a tool bench, which was the hit of Christmas morning. They both love it and play with it constantly. I took the screwdriver away because Walker was running around the house with it and I was afraid he was going to fall and hurt himself. Harris is STILL telling me how he needs a screwdriver to "do some things."

This picture is so funny to me. Walker's playing with a tambourine, part of an entire set of musical, noisy things that my brother gave him. For years, literally YEARS, my brother has been threatening me with all the obnoxious toys he's going to give my kids as a payback for what I gave his girls when they were little. In my defense, I had no idea I was giving irritating toys.   Apparently the kicker was a Blue's Clue's alarm clock that got played with for an entire roadtrip. Anyway, they like making music, so mission accomplished Justin :). It actually doesn't bother me. When they're both awake, our house is so noisy I've learned to tune it out. He has girls, maybe they're quieter. Yesterday Tom and I carried on an entire conversation while Harris was pedaling through the kitchen on his trike with Walker toddling behind him, screaming with excitement. 

 That's my brother, with Walker. Bummer that this pic is blurry! Notice Walker is holding a piece of orange plastic. It's a pretend phone from the tool bench, but it doesn't make noise, or move, no buttons you can press....just a piece of orange plastic. He LOVES it. He has a couple of phones that do everything my cell does, and he loves the random piece of plastic more. You just never know. 
Above, they're playing with a Cars book that has tools with it. I can't tell you how many times we've read that book since. When you hammer in spots, it makes hammer noise, same with the wrench and screwdriver. So cute. Harris LOVES it.  Something is wrong with the formatting, I know, but I can't fix it for some reason. Sorry, not going to waste time messing with it. Anyway, the boys had a good time. My brother and I got to take a walk that afternoon and spend some time together, which was so nice. Usually when I see him we don't get to talk, because things are so hectic. Then the evening and the rest of the visit was spent in the hospital, which I already talked about. I am SO thankful we were able to spend Christmas with family. It's such a blessing for us and our kids to be able to be around family, especially on the holidays, and it's tough because we live so far away.

 Tom and I didn't really do presents for each other, but he did put tickets to see Legally Blonde in my stocking. Yay! Can't wait! We went to plays at the Majestic Theater all the time pre-kids. I don't think we've been back since Harris was born. What a thoughtful gift! My parents gave us a camping equipment and we are soooo looking forward to using it. 
If anyone is still reading this after all the rambling, I hope you like the verse today. I think it's timely, since so many people have New Year's Resolutions and things they're trying to tweak right now. 
I say then, walk by the Spirit and you will not carry out the desires of the flesh. Galatians 5:16 

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