Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day two-31 days

I'm writing about the same topic for 31 days and linking up here:

Caroline used to shut down when asked to clean her room. I took pics of where things went so she had references. No help, she had no idea where to start. Due to her background, she had trouble organizing visual input and was overwhelmed. We saw the same struggles in other areas of her life. She is a bright girl but her brain hadn't had the opportunity to wire in appropriate ways so she could interpret all the input she saw. She was completely overwhelmed. But look what happened today!

Her brain is healing. It's not about a clean room; it's about celebrating that she can see a problem, make a plan, and execute it. This is a breakthrough! 

I would love to take credit for that but it isn't mine to take. There were so many deficits to tackle and I started with the academic ones, then we became educated about some of the emotional ones but I hadn't progressed to neurological issues. I've focused on the first two with Caroline and the neurological with Walker, since he's more in need right now. It's been gnawing at me that I hadn't gotten her help yet in this area. God didn't wait on me to get my act together, though. Her healing has already started!
God is good. :)

"He is before all things, and in him all things hold together."
Col 1:17

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