Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Harris is FIVE!!

Harris, you are a rockstar!! Every time I write you a note in your lunchbox you tell me to write that so I thought you'd want to hear it now.

You are happy. Just plain happy. Nearly all of the time. I asked you if you were happy at your new school and you told me, "I'm always happy."  Every new place you go or new friend you meet you find something to enjoy in the experience. I love that about you. 

You know Jesus. I never understood scriptures about childlike faith until I saw yours grow because it's how we should all be. If you are read something in the Bible then you totally believe it, without question. When you pray, you pray with full expectation that it will be answered. When you don't know what to do, you retreat to your room and "talk to God." People comment all the time on how smart you are and how fast you learn and that's true. But the thing that will take you farthest and make your life worthwhile is what you already know about who Jesus is.

You love to laugh and especially laugh with other people. You are constantly telling jokes and then cracking up. You see things when we're out and think of other people first. Every time you see a Thomas related item you always say, "Walker would love that, let's get it!" You opened up your piggy bank, all on your own, to give money to a fundraiser for another family at your school. You heard about what they needed and wanted to give what you had. What was even better was after I helped you get your money to give you looked at me and said, "Do you want to give some of your money?"

You say funny things without even meaning to. "You're a little bit poking the bear." and "You're making me NERVOUS." are two of my favorites. You love legos. I mean, you really love legos. You are very detail oriented and can knock out those sets faster than I can. When I "help" you, you usually have to correct me. And you're always right. You like to swing as high as you can. You love books. You think it's so funny when I sit down on you and pretend you're not there. When you go to sleep at night you stand up on your bed and fall straight onto your pillow. It always looks like you're going to knock your head off on the headboard but you manage to miss it every time. Hayes adores you. You love to make him laugh and are quick to see what he might need. If I set him down on the floor you are immediately looking around to see what toys you can give him or what you can do to make him happy. You love to hold my hand when we're out and about. You told me, "I like to hold your hand because it makes me feel close to you." We were out of town without your daddy for a few days and you told me, "Our family just doesn't look the same without dad." You've grown up quite a bit the past few months. You've started seeing how high you can jump off the swing. You NEVER would have done that this time last year. You're getting braver and more confident in your abilities.

You are the picture of grace to me because I've never done anything good enough to deserve to be your mom but God gave you to us anyway. You have a very tender heart. It's been precious to see you love Hayes with pure, compassionate, and totally unfiltered emotion. You haven't bought into the lie that that your emotions aren't "manly" and I pray that it stays that way. You wear everything you feel on your sleeve and give love so freely. You greet me every morning like we've been separated for 10 years. There is no better way to start the day :)

Harris, God has an awesome plan for your life. He's given you an innate compassion for others, awesome capacity to love, and the intellect to do whatever you want. I have no idea what you will end up doing with all your talents but I know you're going to use them in amazing ways. It's such a privilege and blessing to be your mom. You bring me joy every single day and my world is so much brighter with you in it. Love you so much, sweet boy!! Happy fifth birthday!

Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.
Psalm 127:3

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