Tuesday, March 13, 2012


All 3 of my peeps are asleep! Hallelujah! Well, two are sleeping and one is loudly making airplane noises in his bedroom. Close enough. Tom is officially back at work and I'm on my own. Yesterday was my first day and it could have been better....but it also could have been worse. We got a trampoline over the weekend and that was a lifesaver. Harris and Walker aren't heavy enough to bounce very high so they really can't play that rough on it. Not any rougher than they already are without a trampoline, anyway. I will say, there's been a small amount of blood. Very small.

That is one happy boy. I am so thankful that the weather has been nice! I thought it was going to rain on us all week and that would have made for a loooong five days.

What was nerve wracking about my first day solo was that Hayes wanted to be held while he slept. He has napped in his swing and bouncer before, so I'm not sure what the issue was. Every time I put him down he'd scream and the instant I picked him up, he'd stop. He's napping in his bouncer right now so that's a good sign. I love to hold him but I really need two hands at times. I just re-read that sentence and had to laugh. There really shouldn't be a need to explain that it's beneficial to have two hands but it's somewhat rare lately. Anyway, Harris was a big help to me. He got out his step stool and was getting things out the fridge for he and Walker. At first he loved being a big helper but by the end of the day, it was old news. He finally told me no when I asked him if he wanted to be helfpul again! I don't blame him. I kept him pretty busy.

One thing that kept them happy was online preschool videos from youtube. Has anyone ever done these?? A woman runs the show and you pause them every few minutes to elaborate on what she talks about. Sometimes it's the weather, letters, songs, days of the week, whatever. Harris was into it but Walker really wasn't. Regardless, it was an easy way to do something together that was fun and educational but not stressful to try to coordinate. It's definitely a step up from watching a movie, which was what I was afraid we'd be doing all the time.

And we had a photo shoot yesterday. A friend gave me a baby gift of shirts for all three that coordinated to have their picture taken. Wasn't that a good idea??!!?!? Thank you Aimee! I really wanted a pic of the three together and worked hard to get it. It's blurry because I was falling down to try to make them laugh. I had to turn on a movie because it's the only way Walker would sit down without fussing. Here's the best one.

Have you ever seen three cuter little guys?!?! I haven't. Love this.

Does Hayes look concerned about his situation in this one? And cheesy Harris is working the camera.

I have several of Walker escaping.

Until I finally turned on a movie to keep everyone in one spot. They were watching UP and apparently something slightly upsetting was happening. Even Hayes looks a little bothered.

That's when I started using Tom's trick and dramatically falling down. It works better when one person falls and one takes the pic. I think from now on I'll be the one taking the pic :)

Then it was naptime. Check out what Walker needs to get to bed. He just picks up trains until they're flling out of his hands.
There are more trains that just permanently stay in his crib. I don't know how he has room to sleep in there. I love this pic of him, with that sweet face.

And this was the very first time Harris held Hayes. Look at his face. Do you think I should have handed over a newborn to him???

Here's Harris holding newborn Walker. For some reason, Harris looked a little more reliable at 19 months than he does at 4. Why is that???

And they're in the same chair. All our pics will probably have that same background. When I put them on the couch, they start playing with pillows or rolling around. In the chair, there's a better chance they'll stay where I put them. And lining them up on the floor or outside....forget it.

Picture overload. Here's hoping the rest of spring break goes smoothly!!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
Phil 4:6

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