Monday, December 19, 2011

Harris' Birthday

I finally got my camera charger so I have pics of Harris' birthday. It was a Spiderman extravaganza.
This toy straps to your arm and shoots spider webs across the room, complete with sound effects. It was a biiig hit.

By far his favorite thing was a box of legos, though. He has built things for hours.

We went to Chuck E Cheese, where Tom  Harris had a blast.

He also got to have a sleepover with his BFF and they both had so much fun. They begged and begged to sleep in the same room, so we caved and let them. There was a serious amount of little boy giggling, for quite awhile. I think it took Harris a good three days to recover from the excitement.

Walker probably rode this train 10 times. He got the hang of putting his token in the slot and then would ask for "mo' money" when the ride stopped. Mo' money, mo' problems, Walker.

But he was a champ the whole time about the attention and gifts Harris got. He didn't try to play with Harris' new toys or act out that he wasn't the focus of all the action. He did great!

Also, Harris' school recognizes the birthdays at their weekly chapel. I almost blew this one. What his teacher told me was, "I could come if I wanted to." I wasn't really gung-ho about going because I wasn't sure how Walker would do but decided to try it one more time. I'd tried going to chapel with Walker once before and it wasn't a success. I am SO GLAD I went because, all the birthday kids go on stage and every single one had one (or both!) parents with them. If little Harris had been up there by himself that would have been awful. In his teacher's defense, I pick Harris up early so she doesn't have much time to talk to me and I've got Walker with me so my attention is divided when I'm there.

This sweet little boy was wishing him a Happy Birthday. He's wearing a crown his teacher made for him and he is SO proud of it.

Here we are on stage. Can you imagine if he'd had to be up there all alone, while every other kid had a parent? Oh my gosh, I would have felt so, so bad.

And Walker did great while I went on stage with Harris. Someone stayed with the stroller and just handed him goldfish and I didn't hear one complaint.

Another birthday in the books. I think every parent says this about every kid, no matter what birthday it is, but I really cannot believe he is already four. The time has absolutely flown by. And our lives look so so different from when he was born that it's almost hard to remember what life was like then.

Here he is as a newborn:

One year:



I remember finding out I was pregnant and being excited/terrified. Really, mostly terrified. I'd never changed a diaper, fed a baby, I don't even think I'd HELD a baby! But trial by fire is a great teacher.  I can't even count how many times I got pottied on during diaper changes. I learned to dodge and cover by the time Walker was born. But, I never imagined how much fun it would be to be a parent and how in love you immediately are with your children.  The past four years have been the most fun and rewarding (though the most challenging) of my life! I'm glad he survived (is surviving) all my parenting mistakes. He is turning into a sweet, compassionate, thoughtful, loving little boy and we are so thankful for him every single day. Happy birthday, Harris!

Sons are a heritage from the LORD,
children a reward from him. Psalm 127:3

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