Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Faves

I saw a post on someone's favorite things and thought that was fun! I like to see what other people like and get ideas. This person kept their faves under $30 and most of mine are too. So here are my favorite things, in noooooo particular order.

Modern Family!!
Has everyone been watching this? It is hands down my favorite show of all time. Bold statement, I know. But true. However, I liked the old Lilly better than the new one but maybe that's just because I can't handle any more change right now. I'm sure the new one is fine and I'll warm up to her next season. Post pregnancy hormones.

This is a pregnancy must have, by the third trimester anyway. The little wedges are good in the beginning but by the time you're at the end, you need this enormous thing.
Tom probably hates this as much as I love it. I googled images of it but they were so ridiculous with people showing how to actually use it that I just couldn't post that. But it's heavenly.

Hot rollers
 I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but they are one of my favorite things. It's really the only way I know how to fix my hair since I don't seem to be capable of blow drying it with any style. At one point I even went to my stylist for a LESSON on how to dry my hair because it ended up being a frizzy mess every time I did it. Still can't do it right. So my hair either has to be short enough that I can just stick gel in it or long enough for hot rollers. There is no in between.
Thankfully I've only ever lived in Texas and Oklahoma. If we ever move to the east coast people are going to talk about me as "the one that uses hot rollers."

Thomas Egg Express Train

Technically this is Walker's favorite thing but it brings him so much happiness it's become one of my favorite things too. It's the first thing he asks for every single morning. "Train?? CHOO CHOOOOOOOOOOOOO" is what he's saying before I even open the door to his room. He rolls it on the table, the walls, the floor, his legs. He holds it while he eats, just looking at it lovingly from time to time. He watches it roll across the floor, saying, "Choo Choooooo" and grinning. I don't think I've ever seen a kid so into a toy. So it made the list.

The Shark!!
Only a mom could love the Shark so much. There is oatmeal or milk spilled on our floor every single day. Cracker and goldfish crumbs are all over the place. They are no match for the Shark!

I love that you can vacuum up first, then steam. The floors around my kitchen table used to be slightly sticky because mopping every single day (really, five times a day, between meals AND snacks) was just not going to happen. But I steam mop while they're napping. It's easy, not messy, quiet, and effective. I still wince just a little when they're eating their after nap snack and the floor gets destroyed again but what can you do. Writing this reminds me how shocked I was when I quit working and realized how FILTHY the house gets when you are home all day. Toddlers constantly eat, drag out toys, or just get into things, so you are fighting an uphill battle to maintain any semblance of order. When I was working most of our time in the house was spent DOING things. We didn't just hang out all that often. Not on the weekdays anyway. Wow. It still amazes me sometimes how fast the house can go from clean to trashed. I hope that doesn't come across as complaining, because it's really not. That's just life with little ones; it's just astounding to see it in action sometimes. That one was over $30 but I love it so much I couldn't leave it off the list.

I cannot imagine driving around without Klove. I try to surround myself and our kids with positive influences and KLove is awesome for that. And it's good for reminders about how my attitude SHOULD be throughout the day, too. Shuttling two toddlers around, buckling and unbuckling car seats, lugging their gear, gettings errands run, and trying to make sure we all are happy can be challenging. Especially while pregnant and not at my most patient. KLove is great because every song is a reminder of the awesomeness of the Lord and makes my problems/irritations seem very insignificant. I have been known to crank it up to drown out a screaming child or two. Whatever it takes. :)

Stella and Dot Pave Hoop Earrings

These aren't for everyone because they're on the small side. But I love them. They're dainty, they go with everything, and they're simple. And I can wear them with a hat. Perfect!

The Voluspa Candle

This is the King of all Candles. It smells AMAZING, lasts forever, and looks good sitting out on your countertop. What else could you want in a candle? I feel like a competent hostess when this candle is burning. That is much easier than preparing lots of appetizers and cleaning the house. Just light this candle.

Carnation Instant Breakfast!
This is another thing I only like during pregnancy but it is fabulous. It's the only breakfast that manages to keep me full without being 1,000 calories. It's got more protein than an egg and when you drink it with skim milk it's low cal as well. And SO good. I started letting the boys have it for breakfast too. They think it's a treat and it's a good way to get protein in them. We buy it by the canister. Forgot those little packets, we need the economy size tub.

I could keep definitely keep going but that's getting to be a long list. Oh, I did think of one more crucial thing.

Particularly the jumbo smarties, which are harder to find. I love all things candy and this is the absolute top of the line of the sugar-y, full of un-ponounceable chemical, candy. My mouth is watering just typing about them. <Sigh>
On that note, there's really nothing left to say.

The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.
Zephaniah 3:17

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