Monday, October 17, 2011

Parenting Mistake

Yesterday was one of the MOST frustrating mornings I have ever dealt with. And it was over absolutely nothing.  I just picked a battle I probably shouldn't have, then felt like I shouldn't back down because I already started going down that road. What I wanted was a picture of both boys together before church because they looked so cute. The downfall was that on the way Walker noticed the bubble lawn mower that we just got on Saturday. The novelty hasn't worn off and he wanted to play with it rather than take a pic. He's not quite to the point where I can explain that if he just takes a quick pic, then he can go play. After several talking to's, some threats, and some cajoling, this is what I got.

Why on earth did I think pushing the issue was all of a sudden going to get a smile? Tom came out and did a little song/dance and managed this:

So by the time we got to church I was sweating profusely from wrestling with Walker for 30 min and totally frazzled.  Over absolutely nothing. Soooo, another reminder to PICK MY BATTLES. I was completely put out with Walker, but really the whole thing was my doing. Lesson learned. After church we had a little picnic outside and I was still secretly hoping for a photo op.
At least no one's crying in this one.

Walker was pretty dramatic all afternoon though. I don't know if he was still recovering from our showdown in the morning or just having an off day. The power went out mid-nap and our alarm started beeping, which woke him up early. That DEFINITELY didn't help. I gave up and went and napped myself and when I woke up, saw the most awesome note ever.

It says, "I'm out wearing down Walker." HA! I could never have known when Tom and I got married that selfless acts like this would be so important and he would do them without asking. He took Walker out (Harris and I were still sleeping) and let him run around at the park, then ran a couple of errands. By the time they got back, Walker was a little sleepy and in a much better mood. And so was I.

And, this is funny today but wasn't yesterday. Our neighbor was outside watering his lawn while the picture fiasco was going down. At one point, he just put the hose down and turned to watch the show. Hahahahahahaha. He was probably thinking, "Lady, give it up."

Anyway, in all the pics there are none of Harris' shoes. It was neighborhood garage sale day in our edition on Saturday, so we stopped at our neighbor's house who has 3 boys. I got Harris a pair of lace up brown shoes, kind of like this, but without the velcro.

He said, "These are the ones I've been waiting for!!" They must look like big-kid shoes to him. He adores them but his feet are so wide it takes unlacing them all the way, stretching the opening as wide as it can go, and shoving that foot down in there. Can't be comfortable. And the shoes are stride rite, extra wides!I got them actually thinking Walker would grow into them, because his feet aren't quite so chubby. But, if Harris wants to squeeze into them, that's his business. We also got a high chair for #3. We have one, but it has been used and abused to the point that it was really time for a replacement. Our kitchen table only seats 4, so the longer #3 stays in a high chair the longer we have to find a table. I have looked but nothing exciting so far. It never occurred to me when we got the table that in four short years, we'd have 3 kids.

Anyway, that was our weekend. It seemed like Saturday was action packed but we really didn't get that much accomplished. It was more just running here and there. This morning the boys got a treat and we went to Chik-fil-a for breakfast. We had the place to ourselves and they loved running around the playground. Walker charmed the lady that worked there, so she kept bringing him balloons (he kept losing his) and wanted to give them ice cream. I had to say no because it wasn't even 9:00, but the thought was nice. It's fun to see other people enjoy your kids. Harris' balloon got lost in the parking lot and he talked for a good hour about if it was just in outer space or all the way to heaven. He's still undecided. The only downside about Chik-fil-a is that Walker is big enough to get all the way up in the playscape now. He knows once he's up there, there's nothing I can do to get him. Thankfully I haven't had to climb up in there with my pregnant belly. Yet.

 Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed,
   for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;
   great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22-23

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