Monday, October 3, 2011

All Packed Up and Nowhere to Go

Oh my goodness, our weekend was one big mess. And I mean ONE BIG MESS. We decided in the middle of last week to go camping Friday night. We've been wanting to go forever and just hadn't been able to work it out. So......Tom takes off work early Friday, we get the car packed up, Harris is in a tizzy because we're going to "get the trailer and throw rocks." Let me just say, we did NOT pack lightly. I don't know what's in the trailer already and what we need to bring, so I packed literally everything I could think of that we might need. We've been to the grocery store for supplies and all bases are covered.

So we think.

We go to leave and can't get the car started. The battery is dead beyond repair and Tom rushed out to get a new one. At this point, we're in danger of not being able to get up before dark and that's a hassle we didn't want to encounter. So Tom gets the battery, gets it installed, and we're on the road. On the way, we realize we haven't made a reservation. So THANKFULLY we called before we got too far into the trip. No campsites left with electricity!!!! Are you serious?!?!? Rookie mistake. So we turn the car around and hit the park instead, trying to pacify Harris the best we could. That was one sad little boy but he handled it pretty well. Sooooo, we unpacked it all. The ice chest, all the bags, pack and play, glow sticks, laptop, endless snacks, sunscreeen, bug spray, blankies, sound machines, on and on and on. The amount of stuff involved in being away for less than 24 hours is a little ridiculous. The ENTIRE back of the SUV was totally loaded down. So, out it all came, back into the house to be put away.

We felt bad for little Harris so we took a day trip on Saturday. This was the one and only successful part of the weekend.
Sweet little boys. This looks a like a scene from A River Runs Through It. Or, A River That Has Been Through a Severe Drought Runs Through It.  

I love this pic of Walker. There were so many rocks to throw he was just overcome with emotion.

Since it had just rained I knew the water would be pretty chilly and didn't think they would plunge in it. Obviously, they didn't care and needed bathing suits. Whoops. We stayed a couple of hours and Walker came out of the water and said, "Home." I thought, surely he isn't saying he's ready to I asked him if he wanted to go home. He said. "YES!" grabbed his water bottle and headed back to the car. I think he was tired and a little hungry, so we called it a day.

But it was such pretty weather and they both liked it so much, we decided to try it again and go camping Sunday night. So we went through the whole routine again. Loaded up the car, packed the ice chest, told Harris AGAIN that we were going, and headed out. The storage place where we keep the trailer has a gate with an access code, so we should be able to get in anytime. We get there, and the code doesn't work and the place is closed. ARE YOU KIDDING?!??!?! Shockingly, the owner answered when we called. Apparently they had changed the code so she was monitoring the phones all the time to make sure people had access. Awesome. So, we drive in and are about to hook up the trailer, when we realized we didn't have the keys!!! NOOoooooooooo!!!!! At this point, it's after 6. If we go home, get the keys, come all the way back, then have to drive to the campground, there's no way we'll make it before dark. Once again, we had to cancel the trip. Poor Harris could see the trailer and we had to tell him we couldn't go. He kept saying, "But I just want to throw rocks!!" Bless his little heart. We went to a park with nature trails but it just wasn't the same.

Here he is, trying to salvage his evening.

I'm so glad Walker had no idea where we were originally headed. He was just happy to be outside. We're planning a trip one night this week and I can't even imagine what's going to happen this time. Tom was laughing, wondering what the neighbors think. They have to wonder why we keep packing up our car, then come back two hours later! If something happens to keep us from going this week, I give up. I cannot even believe we had such a mess of a time, two times in a row. Hopefully we worked out most of the kinks and the next trip will go more smoothly. We all had so much fun on Saturday just being outside together and enjoying God's creation. It was gorgeous!! Look at that.

So, I'll keep you posted on the next trip. I'm hoping it's an actual trip and not just an hour drive with a loaded car.

I was looking through these river pictures and came across a funny one. Tom told me, in an urgent voice, to grab my camera and get a pic of Walker. I couldn't see what he was doing, but I hurried off to get it and snuck around the corner. This is what was so unusual it needed to be documented.

Ha! He sat down all by himself and was playing quietly at the table. It is a rare sight, for sure.  And I realize he is in all orange. Laundry needed to be done and this was just what I threw on him. My Oklahoma friends should not be concerned. These boys will know all about the crimson and cream and I'll get some pics of them in their OU gear while we're watching them beat Texas this weekend. Boomer!

How many are your works, Lord! In wisdom you made them all.
Psalm 104:24

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