Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hayes is FIVE! (Actually four but don't mention it)



You are a mess! You insist you are five, only answer to "Star war romantic" half the time, tell long winded stories all day, and incite general mayhem everywhere you go. The amount of mischief inherent in you is just shocking to me. And I love you so much I could absolutely eat you up! I was putting you to bed tonight and said "I love you more than all the stars in the sky." You said "I love you the stars and also all the windows." 

You had a satisfied smirk, like you knew you nailed that one.

You are really an original. Your dad and I are pretty calm, logical, introverted people. You are the life of the party, never met a stranger, completely free spirited, and you keep us laughing. I never know what's going to happen next with you and walk the line between anticipation and slightly cringing. We say you are the exclamation point on our family and anyone that knows you totally agrees. 

You're using the force on some unsuspecting sibling. 

You were at a party where Santa was reading a book to the kids, maybe 12 or so. You listened for awhile and then spoke up with your trademark line, "EXCUSE ME!  I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHIN!" Because Santa is Santa, he let you speak.  Your urgent message was "In Star Wars, episode three, Anakin turned to the dark side and became Darth Vader!" Santa politely smiled and moved on. After another interruption, he finally told you, "We're here to talk about Christmas, not the force or the dark side." 
Well said, Santa. 
Now anytime there is a mention of Santa you always express disbelief that he doesn't want to talk about the dark side. You speak only in full volume, so you say "SANTA ONLY LIKES TO TALK ABOUT CHRISTMAS." 

We carpool with another family and that is a joy to you. You love the days she picks you and up talk about them often when you're at home. You have a sweet heart that is sensitive to the emotional atmosphere around you. While you're currently in a dictator leadership mode, you have a heart to encourage others. You are quick to praise when you see someone "making good choices" and encourage your siblings when you see them doing something special. You are generous with what you have to share. 

I truly never know what is about to go down with you. I picked you up at your church class the other day and the teacher apologetically met me at the door, explaining that you were so adamant they just let it go. I didn't know what you were so adamant about until I saw you had completely unbuttoned your button down shirt, so it was gaping open, and were rubbing your belly. With both hands. In the middle of your class, while the rest of the church was picking up their still dressed children. 
Um....ok. I tried to button your shirt and you got very agitated! You explained that you were Obi-wan Kenobi and he didn't button his shirt. 


That's fine.
Obi Wan, in your mind's eye, also rubbed his belly like a Buddha. I have become an expert in looking nonplussed when told unexpected things about your behavior. The upside is you are always ready to explain your reasoning and I know it'll be well thought out. Your imagination rocks and I hope you don't lose that. If you decide to stay more clothed in public, I'll support you, though.

You are a keen observer of all that is happening around you. I don't know if that's a result of being the youngest of four or just your innate personality but you do not miss ONE thing that happens and you always have some commentary. I love that you observe what is happening and want to process it. I think that's a good skill to have and want to be available to you as you work through life. Also, your commentary is basically toddler stand up. And it's fabulous.

You are a straight up leader. You speak with authority and the older kids will defer to you, at times. Here, you were ordering Caroline to wear sunglasses over her glasses to church and she, through giggles, agreed to your every request. You weren't kidding, though. You had a plan and intended it be executed flawlessly. Since you have the best big sister on earth, it all went down as you willed.

I have never seen such a strong opinion in such a tiny body. The number of times random people have commented on your strong will is roughly infinity times. It draws comments nearly every time we are out in public! The verse I pray over you is that "you will do the good works you were created to do." You are going to do some works, clearly. And you will take people with you. My prayer is that your heart be towards the Lord and let his guidance direct your leadership of others. Right now you are leading armpit toots and mutiny. We're all a work in progress.

You are a serious daredevil. No challenge is too daunting for you. You went down this crazy high zip line that I wouldn't have considered. Here you are about to go. Looking fearless. 
 Here you and Harris are at the end. 

Hanging in mid-air. 

Hayes, you are awesome sauce. You're brave and sweet and funny and spunky and I cannot imagine our family without you. You bring energy and joy everywhere you go and each day with you is a new adventure. 

Happy fourth birthday, Hayser!!

This is you, in the garage floor, after a wild night out at Legofest but it's also how I think I'll feel when you are done with your preschool years. 

"For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. "
Eph 2:10

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