Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Picture Dump

Since I haven't blogged in a few weeks, this one will be picture central. I haven't found a new routine for blogging yet. I used to put the boys down for naps, do whatever had to be done around the house, then blog. There is rarely a time they're all sleeping now so I lost my afternoon chore time for now. I miss writing all our little goings on each day.
We're just chugging along. Harris and Walker have 100% adjusted to Hayes (I think). The first few weeks Walker pretended Hayes didn't exist and I didn't know how good I had it then. He's now interested in Hayes and that's given me cause for concern.

Hayes must have nerves of steel.

Looking over some of these pics makes me wonder if I shouldn't have put the camera down and intervened, particularly in the last one. But Hayes enjoys his brothers and is entertained when they talk to them. He just grins up a storm when they chat him up.
Check out his little smile.

My parents were here a couple of weeks ago so we took the troops to the Children's Museum. They always enjoy that but the day we went it was a total zoo.

I'm glad Hayes is usually pretty chill. This is what he did almost the entire time.

Hayes has also been to dinner with me and my girlfriends a couple of times. He's the strong, silent type when surrounded by women, apparently. Here he is with the ladies.
This is at a table full of women, outside, and there was live music. He slept through it all. I guess it's quieter than what he's accustomed to! He's still sleeping pretty well at night and I am SO THANKFUL. At this stage, we still had to hold Harris almost the entire night to get him to sleep. We just swaddle Hayes and he sacks right out.

I'm sure we're violating 10,000 rules by having a bumper and blankets in this crib. We'll re-evaluate when he starts moving. For now, he just stays right where we put him, which is awesome. I have a new appreciation for the newborn stage, where there is no discipline needed and they don't ever move on their own.

Our babysitter and I took my three and Harris' buddy to a toddler sized amusement park. I thought Walker the daredevil would be really excited about this but we had to do convinving to even get him to ride one ride. Here they are the first time, with lots of kids riding.

Then Walker, who originally didn't want to get on, then didn't want to get off. So he rode all by his lonesome.

That picture just makes me laugh.

Yet another example of something I couldn't have done without our awesome babysitter. I had to leave in the middle and go sit in the car and feed Hayes. It just wouldn't be safe, or fun, to go places with all of them alone just yet. The boys all enjoyed it and we just dodged the rain. Perfect timing.

Harris is on a crafty kick right now so we've been making lots of masterpieces. He always wants me to do something with him. I was putting Hayes down for a nap and when I came out, he'd set up a play doh station with tools for me to play with. So sweet.

I can occasionally get Walker interested if it's something he's seen Harris enjoy. And if there is potential to be messy.

Walker is getting a longer attention span, too. Longer than non-existant is a big improvement! He's getting more obedient all the time, listening better, and is just generally more manageable. I took him to the dr the other day and he was a rockstar, I'm so proud of all his progress!!I think he's proud of himself too because when I brag on him he just beams. People kept telling us that consistent discipline would pay off. After months of this with no improvement, every time someone said that I thought of the saying "Doing the same thing but expecting different results is the definition of insanity." But there is a little progress. Woo hooooo!!We have a long ways to go but it's definitely getting better.
I love this precious little person.

Oh my goodness, Harris' class had a "performance." Their teacher read a story and each kid had a task to perform. The story was about the wise man who built his house on the rock and Harris' job was to hold up a rock every time it was mentioned. I think that makes him the star of the show, right? :)

Did someone say ROCK???

Here are the actors, post-performance.

So stinkin' cute.

That's all I've got. Looking forward to regular blogging again soon. We're Houston bound this weekend to see family and friends. Can't believe we're taking this show on the road but I think it will be fun. Famous last words....

"The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still."
Exodus 14:14

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