Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh my goodness!

THANKSGIVING IS NEXT WEEK! Then Harris' birthday, then Tom's gone, then Christmas parties, then Christmas, then THE BABY COMES! It has hit me recently that I do not have much time before this little one gets here, and the last few weeks will be miserable so they don't count. Really, I need to have things done by Christmas. Here's the room that needs to be cleaned out by then. You see why I'm starting to sweat.
Ok, so this might be from Hoarders, but you get the idea.
 We're putting Walker in the office, moving all the office gear upstairs, and Walker's nursery will be #3's nursery. So the office needs to be cleaned out, the upstairs needs to be reorganized to make room for the office stuff, and the garage needs to be cleaned out to make room for me and the belly to walk all the way around the car. When we moved in this house, Harris was on the way so one room just became a nursery. Walker's room was the guest room but we knew #2 would come soon so I always kept it ready to be relocated. And it will take three people, for sure, to move the furniture, because that's how many it takes to move our couch. We need to coordinate that part, too. So this is the first time we've had this much to do before a baby comes, and in the midst of taking care of two little's just time to get to work. That's all.

But I took the boys to the park last week and they had so much fun together. It was just a sweet gift from the Lord, reminding me what a blessing another sibling will be to our family. Look at this cuteness.

Harris was so proud to push his brother and Walker was loving the attention from "Wa-Wis," as he says.

Look at Walker attempting to keep up with his brother. This poor third one is going to be running its whole life trying to keep up with the older two.

Nothing like playing in the dirt. I love the way Walker is sitting. It's so cute when they sit that way.

Tom's been sick this week. We passed some sort of virus around our house for awhile and it's Tom's turn. I've been disinfecting every surface I can find (while I organize/purge, ha!) so hopefully it's on its way out. And I did my gestational diabetes test today. I failed it the first time (with Harris) and the three hour test is so gross I'm really hoping to pass it this time. In case you don't know what that is, you have to drink a very sugary drink, then  have your blood drawn to check your blood sugar. It's a challenge to keep the drink down, it's so super sweet. REALLY hoping I passed.

Harris has been on a baking kick and we've been making three ingredient muffins. They're easy and good. It's a can of pumpkin, spice cake mix, and chocolate chips. EASY. Harris refuses to eat them since we didn't follow the directions on the cake mix and add eggs, but he still likes to help me make them. He reiterates that, "They won't taste any good, since you didn't FOLLOW DIRECTIONS." He's also been swinging his pretend baby, Baby Issa, a girl, in the baby swing. He pats her head, buckles her in gently, and coos while he swings. I have been prepping him that there's a very good chance that this baby is actually a boy but he won't hear of it. And I don't know where he came up with the name Issa. I'm sure his teachers at school think I'm actually having a girl named Issa. They've asked me several times if we know what we've having. Harris is so adamant about it that they're confused. Walker is changing every single day. His vocabulary is growing and he's getting more manageable. I think being able to communicate is helping his frustration. Hallelujah.

And we had some pics taken a few weeks ago so I'm on the Christmas card hunt. I LOVE picking out cards!! Here's a little preview.
Thank you to Allison, of Allison Doan Photography for the cute pics! Taken with lots of patience, too :) 

And the Lord is using the verse below in my life right now. I keep reading chapter 33 and finding different things in it, and being referred to other Old Testament chapters.  I started reading this book and it has awesome suggestions on how to get the most of your Bible reading. It's really helping. 

Now Moses used to take a tent and pitch it outside the camp some distance away, calling it the “tent of meeting.” Anyone inquiring of the LORD would go to the tent of meeting outside the camp.
Exodus 33:7

What I love about this verse is that the "tent of meeting" was AWAY from the community. If people wanted to hear from the Lord, they had to physically separate themselves and walk away from others, and choose to put themselves in a place where they could meet with the Lord. It's no different today. Community and fellowship are vital but it is no replacement for being alone with the Lord.

And third trimester crankiness is setting in, and it's not pretty. I will have to be absolutely dependent on the leading of the Holy Spirit to keep from being a grinch for the next 11 weeks. So far it hasn't gone well, as Tom can attest. I love the public accountability though. Putting lots of information out about myself definitely leaves me vulnerable to criticism but it's so worth it. The conversations this blog has sparked and the friendships its deepened have been awesome. So notice the next time you talk to me if I'm griping about everything under the sun or not :)

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  1. You seriously scared me with that hoarders pic! I was about to rush over with some boxes to help get you started. Seriously though - I'd love to help you get organized if you want. Packing and moving stuff is strangely therapeutic for me. Have you ever tried those furniture slider discs? The work great! I was able to move my girls full over full size solid wood bunk bed around their room by myself!
    Let me know when I can come over and help you!