Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Living On Tulsa Time...

I  need to write about our actual trip before I forget. This was the most relaxing time we've had out of town. Walker was old enough to run around and didn't have to be monitored every single second. Yay! And he was pretty relaxed and comfortable with family, too. He LOVED his cousins. I can't believe we didn't get a picture of them together. Harris is attached to his Mimi 24/7 when she's around, so that wasn't a surprise. He enjoyed his cousins too, and even let them put him to bed once. Mimi definitely indulges them, so they were happy campers.
For example, it wouldn't have occurred to me to dig out quarters and let them ride this thing. We also went on the carousel at the mall. And I won't post pics of that because it's not a flattering pic of my mom and she would kill me if I put it on here. You're welcome, Mimi!
Out of all the decorated horses on the carousel, Harris wanted to ride in the covered wagon. It was a wooden bench that didn't move. And Walker just wanted to be held, refused to sit on a horse. Even with that, I think they liked it though. Harris got some Spiderman shoes and is STILL excited about them.
One of their favorite things to do at my parents house is play outside. The little car is by far the most coveted toy. Harris squishes himself in there even though he's way too big and I bet he's going to be stuffing himself in that thing when he's 10. Especially if anyone else shows any interest in it. I cannot believe how competitive they are over that piece of red plastic. Anyway, my dad built a fence so they're contained in one area and it's perfect. We sat out there and watched them play for hours.

We also took them to the zoo and that was a hit. That was the day Walker and I started getting sick so we were a little puny but they still enjoyed it. The train ride was probably their favorite thing.

Besides the train, I think they enjoyed the playground. Pretty much zero interest in animals that day, which was a bummer because we had the ENTIRE zoo to ourselves. Literally, I think there were two other groups of people there and that was all we saw the whole time.

So after the boys went to bed one night, my mom and I decided to go run a few errands, since it's 10 times faster without dragging the boys around. We were about to go in Walmart and she asked me, "Do you think I should call Dad, just to make sure the boys are in bed?" I answered with TOTAL confidence that they were great sleepers and there would be NO problems. Harris gets out of bed occasionally but all you have to do is tell him to lay down. What on earth could go wrong? I know that pride goes before a fall and should have anticipated things weren't going to go well. But I didn't. So we walk in the house at 11 pm that night, and I hear a little voice say, "Hi Mommy!" I rolled my eyes that Harris was up, but then I heard a SECOND little voice say. "HI MOMMY!" and I nearly fell over! BOTH of them were up, with their little chairs pulled in front of the tv, watching Game 6 of the World Series. WHAT??!?!?!?!? Walker CLIMBED OUT OF BED! This was devastating news. I was envisioning naptime and bedtime battles every day for months and I just do not have the energy for that right now. My dad said he just came walking down the stairs, like he does it every day. Harris didn't think he could get out of his bed without permission until just a few months ago. I was pretty sure that wasn't going to be the case with Walker but now there's no question. He acted like he was up for the day, turned off his sound machine, opened the door, and just boldly came downstairs. I still really can't believe he did that. Anyway, so Walker did it again the next night but hasn't done it since. I think we're in the clear for a little while longer, at least. That sweet boy is going to stay in a crib AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Harris was in his till he was almost three. I didn't even know he could climb out until random things started appearing in there.

Like this box of diapers, for instance. Once it was obvious he could climb in and out all he wanted, I asked him to show me just to see how he did it.

So my poor dad had to watch the boys for 2 hours, waaaaay past their bedtime, while my mom and I ran around. Sorry Dad. It never occurred to me that there would be a problem. He said they were pretty content to watch the World Series, though. They must have known they were getting by with something and better be on their best behaviour. Harris FOR SURE knew he was getting by with something.

One morning we took them trick or treating on Brookside, which is a street lined with cute shops, restaurants, bars, that kind of thing. All the merchants got dressed up and handed out candy and some churches had a carnival type thing going on. It was fun and perfect for their ages.

My brother, sister, and one of my nieces met us out there. I cannot believe I didn't think to get pics of everyone! It was a huge help to have the extra hands, especially since we were right next to a somewhat busy street. Harris was all about going from person to person to get candy and Walker was pretty uninterested. Once he had one sucker, he just held onto that and didn't want to do anymore. That's fine, the less candy they get, the better.  

This was definitely the best visit for Walker. He got so wound up playing my brother, Justin, one night that every time he saw my brother after that, he was ready to immediately get wild again. Justin was encouraging Walker to throw little legos at him. He's got a pretty accurate arm, for a two year old! It was nice for my family to get to enjoy Walker, for a change. The past few times we've been there he's been so concerned about being in a new place that he hasn't really relaxed and been his sweet, fun, playful, self. This time he seemed totally comfortable and was ready for action.

They loved all the fun and attention and I'm sure weren't ready for it to end. It was good to spend several days there and just have time to hang out, instead of going going going every second. Thanks to my parents, brother, and sister for devoting so much time to us while we were there!! I have two ery blessed little boys to have so many people that care about them. It was good to see you all!

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." Galations 3:8

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