Monday, July 25, 2011

Camp is Awesome

Harris has been going to a little camp from 9-12 again the past two weeks. It's completely saving my mornings right now. Walker is generally pretty relaxed and easy to manage when he's by himself. And for those of you that saw my facebook post the other day, I said GENERALLY, not constantly. :) He has his moments. But just having one to focus on and knowing the other one is safely and happily wearing himself out playing is so much easier. And another perk of camp is that Harris comes home with garbled stories every day about what happened. Last week, they went to chapel and "learned about a sad man in the desert who didn't have babies." Tom's guess was Abraham. I have no idea. I asked Harris if they sang Father Abraham, because you can't teach that story without that song, right? He looked at me funny while I was singing it and told me he hadn't learned it. I think he just wanted me to stop singing. Today he told me his friend wouldn't "MOVE OUT OF THE WAY." There are several little boys in the class and they all must think bathroom words are hysterical, because Harris has been saying them and collapsing with giggles. I had to threaten some dire consequence (that I don't even remember now) if we heard him say it again or if his teacher heard him. I asked his teacher the next day how he was and Harris piped in with "I didn't say poopy head!" He was sweating that one, I guess.

I'm feeling a smidge better. I can make it through the mornings which is all I really have to do. I'm pretty done by about noon and worthless for the rest of the day, but that's ok. The Lord is definitely providing for me because when I absolutely have to function, I can. I am so thankful that I'm not working this time around. Being able to nap each day is a huge blessing and I take full advantage of it. I remember dragging through work every day and just wanting to collapse. It's so nice to be able to go at my own pace this time.

Harris talks on the phone to my mom pretty often. This is him lounging in a chair before church one morning. Do you think this is how he's going to look as a teenager??
The look on his face is because I was taking his pic. He actually requests to talk on the phone. And I know Walker's shirt is too little. He didn't leave the house that way. Walker is playing with his own telephone, one of his all time favorite things to do. His other favorite thing is to brush his teeth. This is one I didn't see coming because he used to fight it so much I dreaded bedtime at the thought of having to deal with it.

He's politely asking me to take the lid off his toothpaste. Anytime we can't find him, he's snuck in the bathroom and is trying to brush his teeth. I normally let him do it as long as he wants to. Toothpaste (non-fluoride, just in case anyone is concerned) is the cleanest/least destructive form of entertainment that he likes. And he's also started bringing me books to read. I think having Harris out of the house for awhile lets him focus on things he likes to do instead of being caught up in whatever Harris is doing. He only wants to look at books as long as there's some activity associated with it, but that's ok. Better than nothing.

And since Tom's been getting into the tri-athalon world, he's been wanting a road bike. Because they are RIDICULOUSLY expensive, we decided to look around the house for things to sell in lieu of just going and buying it. I sold things on ebay, craigslist, and a consignment store and we made more than enough to pay for the bike, and don't miss any of the things that are gone. I normally like to give things away and don't want to sell things we could be using to bless others. This was for a specific expense though and it feels good to know he has what he wants without just blowing money on it. In case anyone else is saving for something, people will buy anything on ebay! I listed things I thought there was no way someone would want, and it all got sold. Anyway, so he has his bike and can give back the one that was very generously loaned to him. Thank you Peter and LeeAnn for helping us out!!!

And on a random note, my spell check just picked out both ebay and craigslist as unidentified words. I thought they were pretty standard by now. Regardless, that's all I have for now. I should go get Walker out of his crib, where he's been calling for DAD-EEEEEEEEE for the last several minutes. I only left him in there b/c he still hasn't gone to sleep, but at this point I guess it's too late. He's going to be bummed when he sees it's me and not Tom. He's probably just running on fumes at this point. Nothing better than a toddler with no nap.....

For in my inner being I delight in God's law. 
Romans 7:22

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