Thursday, July 14, 2011


Baby Goolsby #3, arriving in February 2012! Tom and I are super excited to meet the new little person!

This isn't my actual ultrasound. I'm too lazy to go scan it in. Our baby is much more photogenic than this one. And appears to be more well behaved also.

I'm only 8 weeks but wanted to go ahead and let everyone know so I can explain why I've fallen off the face of the earth recently. I'm dealing with morning sickness and I've dropped the ball in LITERALLY every facet of life. So I owe an apology to all my friends for unreturned phone calls and emails, cancelled dinners, missed events, and the list goes on. I'm sorry.  Looking forward to resuming normal life in a few weeks :)

And I should give Tom a huge shout out. He has done everything lately. Laundry, dinner, entertaining the troops, bathtime, bedtime, grocery shopping, in addition to a full time job. Thank you Tom!!!! He took over when I completely abandoned all my duties. The boys would have survived on cheese sticks and veggie straws without him. Walker sort of does anyway, but that's a story for another day.

My parents are here right now helping and that has been wonderful. They took the boys out all morning and are currently with Harris at Chuck E Cheese. Harris was so excited to see my mom he ran and gave her a huge hug and was fighting back tears. That sweet boy is so happy to have them here. I am too. It's given me time to rest and adjust my attitude. I have been grumpy, negative, whiny.....I'm sure everyone is really starting to pity Tom in all this. Rightfully so. When I found out I was pregnant, I was in total disbelief. I was 100% convinced that we weren't going to get pregnant and took probably 15 tests before I believed it. I didn't have any symptoms and just didn't "feel" pregnant. So once I finally believed the tests, I immediately got concerned that there was something off about this one because I felt so normal. Well, there are definitely symptoms now and we are so excited about this addition to our family. It's just important to keep this in perspective and let things go for awhile to just make it through the next few weeks. Speaking of letting things go, my floors are really.....special. The 5 second rule is not allowed in our house right now. Walker dropped a veggie straw and I nearly dove across him to get it before he snatched it up and put it in his mouth. That was the fastest I've moved in 2 weeks.

We are just so excited to see this person that the Lord has given to our family. Walker and Harris could not be more different and I know this little one will have its own little personality and steal our hearts just like our sweet boys have. When people have found out about this baby, everyone comments about a girl. We would love a girl. I would adore getting sweet little pink things and having some estrogen in our house. But we prayed about this baby for MONTHS. The Lord answered our prayer in a unique way that I didn't even notice until Tom pointed it out to me. This child has been prayed over and asked for more times than I can count. We know that the Lord has chosen this baby before creation and this child was made just for our family. We will cherish this life and be are so thankful to be this child's parents, boy or girl.

But I am dying to find out. I don't do surprises and the suspense is killing me :)

Anyway, apologies again. I promise to get it together in my 2nd trimester. And this was Tom's father's day gift. I found out the day before and totally shocked him with the news!

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.
Psalm 139:13

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  1. I'm so happy that your parents are finally here! (and we just missed them at Chuck E Cheese today- we went to play around lunch time. Our first trip to that place! And maybe our last!)