Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dead Battery....

The last few times we've been in and out of the car, Harris keeps messing with the lights. Between that sentence and the title of this post, you can probably figure out where I'm going with this. Apparently a light got left on, so when we went to leave for Bible study, the car wouldn't start. Sooooo, we were homebound today. It wasn't a big deal, just some serious wasted effort. And I should have taken a picture of myself because I had fixed my hair, had on makeup and jewelry AND had on decent looking clothes. You know, clothes without an elastic waistband or sports team anywhere. Fancy. Apparently, this is so unusual that someone I normally only see at the gym DID NOT RECOGNIZE me when she saw me showered and cleaned up. This isn't a first, though. Someone I had class with for two years in college saw me dressed up and said she'd never seen my hair, since I always wore a baseball hat. Apparently I haven't changed much. But anyway, all my effort was wasted. So we took a walk around the block instead, hoping to run into someone I know since all 3 of us looked clean and cared for. Didn't happen.

So the troops spent the morning doing some workbooks......playing with magnets......fighting playing lovingly with each other....and eating. Always eating.  Do you think Harris is a little proud of himself for finishing the workbook?

He asked for another pic to be taken. This better displayed his connect the dot prowess.

And I also documented something to make myself feel better. It's been bothering me that my house seemed so much cleaner when I was working. Shouldn't it be the opposite? So I took some pics to cut myself some slack. We are in the house all day long, eating, playing, and just generally making messes. I didn't think to get a pic of the fruit cup Walker took from Harris, then ran down the hall with fruit juice and diced peaches flying everywhere. Or the entire cup of milk that was spilled on the table, with milk running down all sides and onto the chair, floor, and Harris. Or the peanut butter covered cracker that was hurled on the floor and landed messy side down. But I did get these.
This is the price I had to pay for the 10 minutes of getting ready. There were also cotton balls thrown into the bathtub, then the water was turned on. Now I remember why I just throw on gym clothes and hustle everyone out of our room. Walker is pretty sneaky. He grabbed something and ran away without me noticing. Nicely played, Walker.

Proverbs 24:25
An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.

The commentary in my Bible talked about a kiss on the lips as being a sign of true friendship, in the time this was written. So this verse is really saying that giving someone an honest answer is being a true friend to them. It can be so uncomfortable to answer someone truthfully when they ask for an opinion, so I've been trying to remember that having the courage to speak openly is better than sugar coating it. And the same goes when I'm on the receiving end.

Off to do my naptime chaos control.

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