Monday, February 21, 2011

Sweet Friends and Sweet Family

This weekend I took the boys to stay with our friends John and Aimee in Sugarland. They used to live in San Antonio and moved back to their home a couple of years ago. It's random that we know them; it was kind of a blind date when we met. They're friends of Tom's family from Houston. We love his Houston family so much we trusted them not to steer us so wrong, so we invited total strangers to our house for lunch one day and we've been great friends ever since.  All I knew about Aimee was that she was in marketing at The Shops at La Cantera, an awesome outdoor mall here. Ummmm, with a job like that I thought she must be much cooler than me. She is, but we're good friends anyway :) We missed Tom but had SUCH a good weekend. They have a 5 year old boy, Jack, who is Harris' idol, and a 13 month old girl, Landry. It was an action packed weekend. We kicked off the festivities with a cut throat basketball game.
Have you ever seen anything so cute? Jack scored two baskets! It was Upward so they didn't keep score but the Junior Lions (our team) destroyed the competition. I realize that's not keeping with the spirit of Upward, but it's the truth. Total domination. The other team had some very competitive parents, which I'm glad I saw. I do not want to be the parent taking my five year old aside at halftime to remind him of proper form and technique. This is what he should be doing at halftime, Upward style.
The guy talking is the "Commissioner" of the league. He showed a video that was a straight-up altar call. It completely caught me off guard. This was in a church and I knew Upward was a Christian organization, but I expected the video to be something about Christ-like sportsmanship or something like that. No. It was about accepting Jesus and encouraged questions about heaven. Interesting. Can you see the only little body not wearing a jersey? Harris was included in the talk and I think he liked hanging with the big kids.

Aimee set him up with his own seat, courtside, to cheer Jack on.
For the first 2 quarters, he was on the edge of his seat, clapping and cheering with gusto. I couldn't get a pic of the cheering because I was too busy keeping Walker off the court, so that's all I snapped. But he was into it. And Jack was performing for his audience. So funny.

We also went to the park. Look how Harris watches Jack with adoration. This picture says it all.

This was kind of high off the ground and Harris probably wouldn't have done it if he hadn't seen Jack do it. Peer pressure starts early, apparently.

Walker went down a slide all by himself! What a big boy. He is so adventurous and there isn't anything he won't try. That keeps me busy.

Harris learned how to play t-ball, courtesy of John. I love the intensity he has! That sweet boy really wanted to know what he was supposed to do.

We had picnics outside. Landry was able to grab a Veggie Straw off Walker's tray, which really upset him, so they had to be separated shortly after this pic was taken.

More happy picnickers.

We had a massive dance party. Walker LOVES to dance, so he was all about it. Check out Jack's moves on the right. He did the robot, the lawn mower, the sprinkler....all the greats.

Harris, in a CLASSIC Harris maneuver, decided has only going to take pics of the dance party. He kept asking people to say cheese. That is so like him to come up with something like that.

 Allllll of this action was on Saturday and all the kids even napped. It was a busy day. Sunday we went to see Tom's Houston family. I cannot believe I didn't get any pics! Walker was all over the place and I just didn't think to grab the camera. Here are the last pics I have of them with the boys. Well, the boy. Harris was just a couple of weeks old here. Here's Julie. I think she's Tom's 2nd that right?

Here's Kay, Julie's sweet sister.

Meemo. :)  For awhile, Harris insisted on calling her Elmo.  I could kick myself for not getting pics of them with the boys this trip.

Thank you guys for a wonderful weekend!! We will do it again soon :)

A friend loves at all times, and is born, as is a brother, for adversity. Proverbs 17:17

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  1. Wow, just read this post and it is awesome! I am so excited to get on the blogging-board.....this is a great synopsis of our busy weekend.

    Thanks! Love you