Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Par-TY Par-TY!

Our weekend was one big celebration. Friday night was our neighbors party, which I didn't make it to but Tom brought me some cookies :) I was bummed to miss and it sounded fun. She bakes homemade cookies for DAYS and they have a fun gift exchange. Next year.....
Saturday morning was the Tom's company party for the kids. This is AWESOME. They have a performance by Magik Theater  and tons of carnival games. It could not be cuter. Unfortunately, Walker was not appreciative of the arts. This is what he did while Tom and Harris enjoyed the show.
Yup, he preferred to run around an empty room. After they were done we hit the "midway."
There were games literally as far as you could see. Crazy. Harris liked the games but he REALLY liked the candy/stickers/toys that they gave no matter what level of success you had with the game. Once he figured out the system he was ready to try anything. And I should have gotten a picture but there were people dressed as nutcrackers that were on stilts. The older kids thought that was awesome and most of the younger kids looked like they were trying to avoid them completely. There was also a string quartet in the middle of the madness. It's so nice of that company to do this for the employees and their families. It is total chaos though.

Saturday afternoon was a baby shower for my friend who's having a boy soon! Cannot wait to meet their little man! And I need to go through our boys clothes and find all the OU gear, because they're transplanted Sooners too.  Walker wore them but since Harris was in daycare as an infant, I never would put him in OU things to go there. I was just afraid any Longhorn employees would resent him and not be quite as nice. Hopefully that was an unfounded suspicion but I wasn't taking any chances. I think the workers were probably a little irritated with me anyway because I went every single day at lunch. The first week or so they were friendly but when it hadn't stopped by month FIVE it probably got old. Regardless, we have Sooner clothes for another sweet baby to use.

Sunday morning was FAMILY CHRISTMAS!!!  Our church is so great. Every Christmas, they read the Christmas story and incorporate giving things to families as part of the story. People got plane tickets to see family, mattresses, tires, gift cards, etc. The list goes on and on. The part of the day that I had been waiting for was a wedding!! My sweet friend never had a proper wedding, so the church organized it, brought in family, flowers the whole thing. She had a wedding dress, her kids were flower girls and her son was the best man. It was awesome. They got to have a honeymoon at Westin La Cantera and just have some time to themselves.

Isn't the dress GORGEOUS!! She made a BEAUTIFUL bride :)

There were Christmas carolers when you walked in the door, Buddy The Elf and over 1,000 homemade Christmas cookies! There was kettle corn, hot chocolate, and tons of donated toys to give to those in need.

Will Ferrall makes me crazy, so I tuned out when Elf was on but apparently the spaghetti concoction above is from the movie. Everyone else seemed to get a kick out of that. Here is one of the Buddy's and Santa. The other Buddy stood outside in the cold and helped with the parking.
There was also a gorgeous rendition of Little Drummer Boy, which I totally think should become a Gateway Fellowship Christmas Tradition. It was just such a good day. I was excited about the whole thing and completely knocked a thing of kettle corn out of someone's hand. There were kids all over the place and I literally didn't see any of them do that. Whoops.

Chris Tomlin concert tonight! Excited to hear some Christmas music from such a talented guy :)

Isaiah 7:14
Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

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  1. One morning at our church Pensacola, there was a lady who unexpectedly (of course the priest knew) got Baptized, Confirmed, Received First Communion, and got married during mass. There aren't too many more sacraments a person can receive in a lifetime- and she did them all in one day!