Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve!

       I've been anticipating Christmas since October and almost don't want it to actually get here. It's so fun to sing Christmas carols, get cards in the mail, and just enjoy the general excitement at this time of year.  I think my all time favorite thing about the past couple of weeks has been singing (loudly and off key) to a Christmas cd. It's been worship for me, and it's such a contrast to all the years prior when it's just been words. The songs are so much more powerful when they MEAN something.
     And I love getting all the cards in the mail. If you left me off your list, please add me back in :) I know I'm not alone in this Christmas card obsession. Someone was telling me that she felt it had become impersonal for her and this person decided to pray over each card she sent out. I'm doing that next year. What better gift could you give someone? Love it.
     Tonight I went to a friend's house for Christmas Eve Eve dinner and she and her husband had an AWESOME meal. I am not a foodie. At all. Before Tom and I got married (and, to be honest, several months after) I had cereal or a ham sandwich for literally every meal. I'm not exaggerating. I would still do that, if it were an option. So when people say they have cooked a great meal, I just don't tend to get excited about that, because I'm not into it and I'd much rather just snack anyway. Oh my gosh. This meal was so good. I don't know what exactly it was, but pasta and some sort of delicious sauce, followed by ridiculously good desserts.

     But as good as the food was, the best part was spending time with good friends. I love that they included us in their celebration and I'm so thankful that we have such wonderful people in our lives. No, Tom's not there. Harris sort of has croup. I say sort of because he had two croupy coughs first thing this morning and has been completely fine otherwise. But there's no mistaking that cough, and our baby-sitter situation didn't happen, so he stayed home. Don't worry, Tom got a nice plate of a little bit of everything.
     Oh my goodness, since I knew there'd be some less than healthy options tonight I was determined to get a workout in today. The last 10 minutes or so, Harris was awake. I tried to get him to do the video with me or at least cheer me on but he chose to critique me instead. There were some jumping lunges at the end and I was exhausted, so I did a hop/drag maneuver instead of the full-on jumps that the perky girls in the video were doing. He kept telling me "Mommy, that is NOT RIGHT! Your legs are NOT RIGHT!" Bless his heart. Even a 3 year old could see my form was NOT RIGHT. I'll think of his concern every time I get to that part.
    Oh, and I took Harris to the dr this morning, because he was on breathing treatments forever as an infant and any breathing thing scares me with him. So, we went to the adult minor emergency clinic, thinking it would be faster. We had a disastrous experience there before but gave it another chance since he's older. I read Harris a book about what the dr would do, look in his mouth, that sort of thing. He kept telling me the dr would NOT do that to him. Awesome.  I was completely dreading the showdown. He ended up being a total champ! He got his blood pressure taken, got weighed, temperature, ears, throat, the whole thing. When it came time to listen to his chest he even raised his shirt to be helpful! Seriously???? I have no idea what changed between the book reading and the office visit, but I'll take it.  He got an apple juice slush to celebrate.
Another funny thing that happened with week is he got attached to Tom's tie again. We went to the zoo and he wore it there, slept in it, then insisted on wearing it to a Christmas event our PRECIOUS babysitter took him to. Here is the evidence.
 Look at that grin! And why shouldn't be be beaming? He rode on a bus (while drinking Starbucks milk), saw snow in San Antonio, decorated a cookie, and had Miss Jessica all to himself.  While wearing a tie. It was good to be Harris Goolsby that day.
     Anyway, my parents and brother are coming in town tomorrow. We've had different combinations of people in different places for the past several years, so we don't have any real traditions. We're baking Jesus a birthday cake, for sure, and I think we're going to read the Christmas story after breakfast and before ripping into gifts. I'd love to hear what everyone else does and I can't promise that I won't steal your ideas.  

"Therefore the LORD Himself will give you a sign: Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call His name Immanuel." Isaiah 7:14

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