Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We had a racecar driver and a monkey for Halloween. The monkey didn't even make it out of the gate though.
I'm so glad I  had this pic from a few weeks ago.

It's not the greatest but it commemorates the event. His picture from last year was outstanding.

So was Harris'. He had that pose for a nanosecond and I was so happy my camera got it.

Anyway, Walker ended up staying home with Tom and handing out candy. I took his costume off pretty quickly but he never really got over his irritation. So Harris had the ladies all to himself.
Here he is with our neighbor, Minnie Mouse, who is happy about the festivities.

And here he is with another neighbor who just hid her head when he came up to make his move. He had his arm around her for a minute, but she wasn't into it. Harris didn't let that get in the way of his candy grabbing though. He was front and center at every door and had to be reminded a couple of times that it's not acceptable to just grab a fistful from the bowl. Since he never eats candy, he really didn't know what he was getting. I put the bucket up where he can't see it and he's never asked for it, so I guess he hasn't missed it.
Typing that reminded me of the candy stash so I just took a quick break to see what we had in there. Yum.
Oh, here are two things I found in the candy bucket.
I shouldn't be surprised, because we found a Sonic mint in an Easter egg at the neighborhood Easter party. Seriously.

Anyway, our weekend was pretty busy but all with fun things. We had pictures taken Saturday morning at the Corn Maize in Hondo. There were some cute places for pics there. I was dying for some on this old red tractor but the boys just weren't into that. The corn maize was fun but I think it will be more fun when I'm not pushing a double stroller through the dust, while doling out kettle corn and sweating in the 80+ heat. I was relieved to see the end and we skipped "Phase 2" entirely. There were a few things for toddlers to play on and a little tractor ride, so it was a fun morning. Here's a preview.....


Harris has been asking for a belt to wear, so we got him one. Threading a belt through the loops on a squirming two year old is just what I wanted to do each day, but it looks so cute on him. This was on the way to church. I would have loved to have Walker in the picture but I was choosing to pick my battles that day. Moments after this Harris somehow knocked a pretty big picture frame off the wall. I'm just glad it didn't hit anyone in the head. 

He immediately started telling me it was an accident. I was only a few feet away when it fell but I didn't see what caused it. I have doubts about it being an accident......I think he learned his lesson though.

I've started planning a birthday party for Harris. I am anti-extravagant parties for kids, so I'm trying to only do things that Harris would enjoy and not random things that I think are cute. Definitely staying away from Etsy.  I feel pretty confident that personalized water bottle labels will not make Harris' day any more fun. Even though they're super cute. Anyway, hope everyone is having a good week! In my book, it is officially the holdiay season! Yay for the best time of the year!

This is what the Lord Almighty says: “Give careful thought to your ways.”
– Haggai 1:7

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