Saturday, September 6, 2014

Family Pics!!

This is a seriously delayed post but I wanted to put our family pics in one spot (besides on our walls) and also tell you about the most awesome photographer! Let me set the stage. We had been on vacation, out of our routine, for 5 days. She showed up at 7, which is usually my kids' bedtime. There were TEN people to photograph. Ten. That's a tall order....right????

Walker was having an epic meltdown when she showed up and had difficulty recovering. She managed this.

Bam. That's everyone, sitting. Looking. But that's not all.

She gave us direction without being bossy and was very specific with the kids in a way they could understand. She has four kids and was a kindergarten teacher so she speaks your little people's language.

Those of you that know my kids.....does THIS ever happen???

Or this???

She posed Harris and Caroline but when it came time to work with little Hayes and Walker she understood it was best to just leave a creature in its natural habitat. Nailed it!

She also got good shots of our family and the all the groupings we wanted.

There were a few outtakes as well.

These are some of my faves. :)

Amber was a pleasure to work with and we will absolutely be using her again. I was so thrilled with how things went that I wanted to do a whole blog post about how great she was! She made what can be stressful into something fun and the results were great! She's based in New Braunfels but willing to travel, so contact her if you're interested!
Thank you Amber, for capturing our crazy family!

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