Sunday, February 16, 2014

The baby turns two!

Hayser, you are two!

I won't tell you that, though, because you think you are five.

I wish you would extend this "wisdom beyond yours years" vibe to your speech. We call you the strong, silent type. One of the only spontaneous and recognizable things you say is "yes ma'am!" That's not something we really work on. I've asked you to say "drink, please" or "eat, please" roughly 100,000 times and that is not in your repertoire but 'yes ma'am' pops out all the time. 

You bring such joy to me! And to our whole family. Just tonight, you were opening the door of the refrigerator while the rest of us were finishing dinner. I asked you to close it and you did. Then you turned and cheered for yourself, which inspired the rest of us to do the same. Before long we were all five hanging on your every move, each wanting to be the one to tell you to close the fridge so we could start clapping for you again. You have a gift to make ordinary things special and fun. I love that about you! 

usually know you're awake becuase you like to jump up and down in your bed, just because you can. Since you are a fairly sturdy young man, this makes a ruckus.

Your default mode is happy. You just roll through life, cheerfully expectant about the next thing on the agenda, whatever it may be.

Someone described you as the new pledge in a fraternity. :) That is dead-on. You are always ready to join in on the next thing that's about to go down. And so happy about it!

Baking? Absolutely.

Toy assembly? You're on it.

Grocery shopping? Hand me the list.

Car wash??? No thank you!

As easy going as you generally are, you still like things the way you like things. You are constantly closing doors. I am the same way, so thank you for that. I now have an ally.  You like to organize your toys occasionally. For a toddler, you are remarkably trustworthy in a room filled entirely of lego creations. I think you appreciate the order of it.

That being said, you are unafraid to make a mess.

When you saw me coming, you started shoving those marshmallows in your mouth as fast as you could.

Did I say you were trustworthy in a room of Legos?? I may have spoken too soon.

I can't complain about your mess making though, because you are always ready to clean it up!

Here you are wiping up food after one of your daily occurrences of throwing it on the floor.

You scattered bags over a huge area then immediately picked them up when asked. You are such a funny little guy.

The wanting things how you want them extends to your books as well. You would like each item named as you point to it. You want Cat in the Hat acknowledged when appropriate. There is a small pic of cat in the hat on the cover of several books you have and you will never allow the book read without pointing him out. Then we can carry on. 

You would like items specifically named if the picture contains several things. For example, you want to hear 'red crayon', ' yellow crayon' etc in this pic. Not just a generic 'crayons.'  Your little finger will just sweetly but insistently go back to the picture and keep touching it until you are satisfied you've gotten the appropriate words for what you are pointing at. 

You really love books and you have no shortage of admirers to read to you.

You also love to dance. You immediately start shaking your ample hips and get your arms going when you hear a beat you like. You developed an attachment to a Christmas decoration that plays Alvin and the chipmunks version 'up on the for top.' I've heard that daily for over a year now. Please remember that and have patience with me in my old age.

Here you are, getting warmed up with 'wheels on the bus.'

This combines your construction truck obsession with your love of books and music, because it's all set to the wheels on the bus tune. That's God's gift just for you, little Hayser. You love this random book so much!

You point to every single picture to hear its name said but never in any discernible order and you never forget one. If I say the wrong name you make a little noise of protest and touch it again until I say the correct name.

You definitely do not get lost in the midst of four kids. Another thing you treasure dearly is your sleep. I'm afraid Walker's preschool might think I'm writing a book of lies about you because you hit a wall and need a nap about 20 min before it's time to pick him up. As we all tend to do, you become somewhat unreasonable when you are being drug around and just need to be in bed.

You love your sleep SO much that I am flabbergasted by this latest development. You take your diaper off at every nap time/bedtime. We've had to buy one piece sleepers to contain you. You have a mischievous streak because when we put your little feet in the sleepers or get out the packing tape to tape you in, you think it's hilarious.

You also think it's funny when I pretend to eat your feet and your are constantly holding up your little foot for me to kiss or pretend to eat.  Your little face here is just expectant and so sweet.

You hold up one foot.....

Then the other.

I know one day that will no longer amuse you so I'll keep kissing/eating your feet as long as you hold them up there.  I realized we must play that game often because the other day, out of the blue, Walker said, 'I'm hungry for Hayser Goolsby feet!'

You like to play with trains.

You are a builder.

You are the original gangsta.

You love to eat!

This is how we do Costco.

You love to laugh!

Hayes, you bring me and all those around you joy! You light up others with your happy demeanor and your sweet spirit. You are quick to smile, to offer a hug, and you make fun out of the completely mundane things in life. 

Our family wouldn't be complete without you and I'm so thankful to have you! You are the exclamation point and smiley face on Team Goolsby. :)

I'm excited to see how God will use your encouraging spirit, your kindness, and your charisma for His glory. I love you so much, little Hayes!! Happy birthday, sweet boy!!

For I have derived much joy and comfort from your love, my brother, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed through you.
Phil 1:7


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