Saturday, September 8, 2012


Walker, you are THREE!

You have so many awesome qualities all wrapped up in one little body. You march to the beat of your own drum. Every other kid in the room might be wrapped up in some game and you're off in the corner, content and doing your own thing. You enjoy other kids' company but you really enjoy time alone, too. You know your own mind and have your own agenda. I love that about you.

You know what you want and are passionate about getting it. You don't get distracted by lesser things and aren't placated with lame substitutes. This is a little challenging in a two year old but what an attribute for later in life! If your dad and I can help you channel your desires into godly goals, you will be unstoppable.

You are a smart cookie. I can read you a book a time or two and you don't even appear to be listening. But when the book comes out the next time, you have it almost memorized! Hearing your little voice animatedly "read" to me is so cute.

Your giggles and smile really do light up a room. When I tell you I love you, you whisper back, "too." You  love to be thrown around. I hold you by your ankles and carry you around the house and you think it's hilarious. You don't like to be laid down in your crib, you get on my back and I toss you in. You wrestle with your dad and Harris and can take Harris down even though he's twice your size. You are fearless. Completely fearless. I don't have that many "fearless" looking pics of you because I'm usually 3 steps behind trying to stave off an er visit.


You aren't intimidated by new situations or environments and dive right in to see what it has to offer. You have such a love of life that I pray you never lose. When you do something, you don't just go through the motions, you really DO it. I love that!

And yes, you are still in a crib at age three. By the grace of God, you do not climb out of there. I'm in NO HURRY to move you to a bed. NO HURRY.

And any mention of you at this age would be incomplete without stating your love/obsession with trains. It's fun to watch you enjoy them so  much, even though I have no idea what you find so fascinating about rolling them along. This is how I will picture you when I look back at this age.

Walker, I'm not going to lie to you. This has been a challenging year of parenting. The qualities that make you up combine to make for one strong willed two year old. I heard someone say that it is important not to confuse hard with bad. I agree. Hard is where you grow. Hard is where you are refined into the person you were made to be. The two year old trenches can be hard but that makes reaching the other side even sweeter. We've both grown and been refined this year. We're the better for it. It makes me so happy to see you blossom into a precious little boy with such an enthusiasm for each day and each new experience. And I also love that you really love your mama. :)

You are one awesome kid. I'm honored to be your mom and so proud of you. I know God has something special up his sleeve just for you and I can't wait to see how you grow and what you do and where you focus your passion. I think we're in for a wild ride and I wouldn't change a thing.

Happy birthday sweet boy!! I love you with my whole heart!

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."
Mark 10:14

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